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June 10, 2013 11 Comments

This post is submitted as an entry in the indiblogger-Wechat blogging contestWeChat, the new way to connect!

This post is an original work of fiction of the author and uses commonly available content as in media and common sense. The author doesn't intend to hurt any personal/religious whatsoever sentiments of anyone. 
WeChat, the new buzz in town has given me a opportunity to chat with any 5 people alive, dead or fictional. Cool! I started making random list of top 5 plus people that I immediately wanted to connect. I wondered who all? It says- 300 mn chat users are about to evolve and I couldn't wait to be part of the evolution. Without any further ado, I successfully downloaded the free app from Android Play Store. It was simple to install, register and use. I customized my profile and added a picture of hot coffee mug as my profile picture. It was delight to see a lot of my contacts online. Thanks to "Add contacts" feature that sync in all contacts from mobile to Facebook accounts. 

While browsing, a picture of an angel weeping beneath her wings took my attention. I searched the details and discovered a long lost friend of mine- Angela. One of the most cherubic girl around, truly an angel but why broken wings? I pinged her and she was equally surprised to hear from me. On further chatting, I realized that Angela is going through a tough phase of life, bearing quite a depressive demeanor leading to suicidal tendencies. She has made a few attempts in past, thankfully unsuccessful. I left everything else and tried to talk her out of this. The conversation moved on like this-

Suicidal? Why? What on earth has happened so wrong Angela that you have decided to end a beautiful life? You were such a rock star in high school who dreamed of nothing but stars and has every thing in self to reach there. 

Yes, I was but you do not know in last few years what I have gone through. Rather what I have not gone through. Life is no more beautiful, it has become a series of unending pain. Pain that I cannot suffer anymore. I am a failure and I can't live with such a failure.

You are young, the age is on your side. Past failure doesn't mean that future will fail too. Come on, have heart. It is a cowardice act to kill one's life just cause few things didn't work our way. Start afresh, Life is beautiful.

I tried multiple times but every time I came back failed. Now no more. The life that has no meaning is not worth living. I am not the first one. History is full of people like us who decided to be dead than alive.

I was about to dissuade Angela but halted for a moment to see a familiar face requesting to join the chat. It was non other than Jiah Khan, the young starlet who has recently committed suicide and was in news all over for speculating theories related to her suicide.

Hi this is Jiah. I agree with Angela. When life leaves nothing to offer, it is better to end it. People do not know the pain a person suffer, they can never know. Life is unfair, totally unfair. I know what it takes to battle a failed a relationship, abuse and cheat

What are you talking Jiah? What have you done is quite unfair. To kill one' life just cause someone was not good enough to reciprocate your love, is nonsense. Life is unfair but then suicide is no justice. There is no consolation to abuses or heartbreaks but to move on.

Move on? how? How many times? Do you realize the pain of abuse from the man you love? It is easier said than done. The one who suffers only knows what they go through. I can't tell you my pain, my troubled childhood. The society is all preachy but none comes to your rescue unless you are a bigwig or a celebrity child.            

Jiah, You were young, enterprising and above all you were a popular face. The reason that love happened to you, opportunity came to your way is a clear indication of your forthcoming achievement. You got a dream debut. "Take lite" a philosophy that you endorsed to entire nation in your first movie. The pain you are talking about is quintessential part of everybody's life. It is just that few people suffer more than others but they survive and emerge as winner later.

I failed in love. My career was not taking the shape it should be. I debut with BigB but yet to establish my name here. The bad childhood doesn't spare me either. It was an abusive relationship. I had no choice.

Before Jiah could finish her statement we have got new members added in the chat, shifting the "you" and "I" chat to a complete "We Chat" scenario. The "hold to talk voice messaging" acted as a boon and soon power women from different era started joining in. Read the excerpts to know more-

Well, there is no truth in the allegations that your making, Jiah. You have not just killed yourself but made my son's life even more miserable. You were a problem child whose stigma has made our life miserable

Behold, my daughter is not a problem child, it was your son who had a problem. He abetted Jiah towards suicide. She was full of life and loved him no end. Instead he kicked her, abused her. It is who made the damage....

If Sooraj was bad then why did she continue to stay with him? What stopped her from moving to a better relationship? What gain came with suicide?

It is easy to say- take it or leave. This is not how relation works- spend a day with one and another week with someone else. It's relationship of hearts, emotions, not a beer brand. Jiah was full of life and loved him no end.  We were planning to get her out from this relationship and concentrate on her career. Little did we knew that he will drove her to this. He..

Hold your horses ladies We know you are a grieved mothers where one has lost her daughter and other one is fighting a legal battle to get her son out from judicial custody. The issue is not who is guilty but issue is why suicide? Jiah would have suffered a lot but suicide is no solution.


Hi ladies, I am Mahabanoo and am associated with Ring the bell and "Vagina Monologues". I too have strong disregard for this suicide business. Why do our society fail to teach the value of life? Why a man or a woman commit suicide and how is that going to help resolve? Is suicide an end in self? The only solution to all problems?

Hi, I am the girl from Delhi who was brutally raped, injured & left to die on roads with a shame never seen before and pain that cannot be expressed. The entire world know what happened to their brave-heart. Still I wanted to live, wanted to fulfill my dreams. Mortality took me away. Dear Jiah, Angela and all those of you who feel that your life is no more worthy of living, do you still think that what happened to you was worse than this? You at least had a choice to live.

Yes Jyoti, what happened to you was indeed horrible. Never did we imagined that human kind will behave like this one day. Our heart goes for you. You were indeed brave. RIP

Dear all, This is Indian women. Women who are mothers, daughters, sisters and wife. We go through a new grind every day. Grind by nature, grind by fellow human beings. We are made to suffer many atrocities daily. From education to harassment to dowry to childlessness, the list is endless. A lot of us commit suicide but a large no of us are awakening to realities of life. Suicide is no solution. Women who have committed suicide in past paved more ways for the atrocities rather than bringing them down. We are sure that even a hundred thousand more of us commit suicide, it is not going to help anyone but the perpetrators of atrocities. We do not idol women who have killed themselves but women who fight the atrocities in their life till last breath like Rani of Jhansi.

Thank you women of India. Your faith made my struggle worthwhile. I am Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi. Jiah and Angela, I met few of your contemporaries Nafisa Joseph and Kuldeep few days back and was disheartened to know about their suicide. I feel women today is much more empowered, educated and liberated than what we used to be in our times. Still we never gave up and fight every adversity tooth and nail. It is better to fight and die than run away from life. Death is not a solution, I reiterate. I am not as literate as you nor did we have communication engines like Internet, smart phone etc that women today has got. If you ask me, I will say that I lived and died with my head held high and not hanging in helplessness. If I can do, why can't you?

We all adore and appreciate your efforts and life, Rani. You have supporters but I had none. I was all alone in this big bad world of film fraternity and had no supporter. I did what I deem right. I asked for support but in today;s world no one support others. I was helpless, really helpless.

Do not wait for leaders my child, do it alone, person to person. Be faithful in small things because that is where your strength lies. Who said you were alone, my child? You had a family with you. Many do no have anyone to call family. You had a career that you have chosen for self. You had a life that gave you choice. If the place where you work was not conducive, you should have moved to another one, my child. You had all rights but no right to take your life away.

Thank you mother, thank you Rani of Jhansi. Your words are indeed motivating and I can see your point here. But I have been trying from last many years and all my philosophies are deeply challenged. I see my life worthy no more. My dream are lost. They do not entice me anymore. My passsion is dead and my expectation from life is nil. How do I live in such condition?

My Dear, when your life is passionless, live for others, set a new beginning. Do something that the generation will thank you about, think you in high regard. And I am not talking, I have actually done it. My life is a living example of living for others. Why you think you can not live? Live in service of god, my child

I so much agree with mother Teresa. Before your mourn what you have lost, you should celebrate what you have got. You should be blessed that God has given you good health which a lot of us are not gifted with. Take my example. I was blind but did I let myself succumb to it? No I understood the problem that I faced but instead of taking it as a cue to end my life, I took as a reason for living and developed something that has not just helped me but all people who were like me. All the world is full of suffering but it is also full of overcoming.

Your dreams are not dead my girl, they are gone for a new lease of life. What do your fear? You are a living embodiment of Durga, Kali and Saraswati. You are woman! Do not think yourself feeble. Lead my girl. Support will follow.

The conversation got intense. I was delighted to see Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, Rani Laxmi Bai and others joining in chatting away towards benefit of Angela and many others like her. Apparently, Angela started seeing the picture too and understood the importance of life. She wiped her tears away and promise to see her life in new light. She thanked each one of us. She agreed the boon of technology where life has given new means to get connected.  A lot more could be spoken on the subject but I thought of wrapping it up before we dilute the objective and thanked everyone to be part of this.

Thank you everybody. It was an indeed an inspirational talk. Angela my dear, see you are not alone. The whole clan of strong women are with you. Do not hold yourself back, do not take wrong examples. Lead by faith and strength and life will be with you. People who mock you today will admire you someday. Do not go what is seen on surface, see what lies beneath

Thank you everybody so much. I wish if someone would have spoken to me, guided me, supported me this way. I wish I had waited. I wish...All said and done, now all I wish is that coming generation learn from us and do not give their life so easily away for people who do not care for them.

Yes Jiah. I am thankful that we had this discussion today. I am thankful that we were able to connect with each other beyond time and space continuum. I am gonna save this chat forever and refer it as my guide in my dark and light hours. Thank you NumeroUnity. I have begin to see a new light now.

Thank you Angela for seeing substance in our words and trusting in it. I would not preach but always remember that- We see life is a light that fades away. Actually when we think it is gone away, it is not really gone away but it merges in us that we cannot see but feel. So start feeling life.It will love you.

With this we finally wrapped up our discussion. I am going to save this chat too and with help of WeChat, I have created a group too. It is called- WeChat Womaniya.  
As I stopped writing, I took a moment and prayed to my late grand mother's soul, offering her my deep apologies for not being able to meet her before her death. She wanted to meet me from long but I took it for granted and today none of my excuse- work, distance, leaves consoles my grief of missing her. I miss her dearly and wish if we had an app like this earlier where I can keep in touch with her round the clock. Share my pictures, love, chat, voice over etc.

Communication technologies have far advanced and I request humbly to all my followers and readers to keep connected with each other. Material joys and self motives fades away, it is relations that helps us long way. In this connected world, being in touch help us to not just share but care. We all know that silence is like a cancer that grows and eat away a beautiful life. Don't let this silence seep in, don't let this depression aloof you, do not let the distances severe your communications, use WeChat and stay  connected to the connected world.


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. You interestingly made Zarina and Jiah come together in the same group... I'm sure the chat must have gone on for a long time!

    All the best!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks so much! Yes it indeed went for long ;)

  2. Great article I must say.... Best of luck for the contest :)

  3. nice write up, Ekta. all the very best :)

    mine here --> A Rat's Nibble - Happy September

  4. suicide indeed is a cowardly act,when you started hating yourself so much that you wants to kill yourself at that point start loving others selflessly,love eases pain.Nice discussion,well done


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