A #PlayDate to Remember, with Dove and Indiblogger

May 25, 2014 9 Comments

Bloggers meet are always enticing, for it enables you connect with fellow bloggers and know the faces behind the names. Whereas Indiblogger meets are most delightful and a source of inspiration and aha, aspiration. They just get better by the day and beautiful by the evening. #Applause

One such meet was #DovePlay organized by the ever efficient, ever effervescent team of Indiblogger, on "Mother's day", 11th May 2014 at JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai.

If that is not special enough and if you may wonder, what made it special? Well first of all, it was an all "women" meet. Bah! it was not just a meet where you enter, attend some presentations, grab a grub, get some leftover T or "7% off on shopping of 2k" types gift voucher, say hi to few people and catch a taxi and go back home. Naaaah! It was none of the cliche that you can associate it with. It was actually a "Play Date" wherein Dove called all female bloggers [some even were flew in from different cities], indulged them in a day long fun, interesting games, pampered them with lovely haircuts and hair styling, made them gyrate their happiness on dance floor with DJ, eat-drink-be merry and drop home smiling with lovely goodie bags as token of appreciation, love and creating happy remembrance of the day. Waaah!

Interesting? Awe-inspiring? Aha...So, you wanna know all that we do on "A date to remember"? well sing along and yeah shake that biscuit baby...

A Date to remember
One fine day, I got an invitation in my inbox
What I read next was a rumble in bronx.
Indiblogger and Dove has organized a playdate
on 11th May at Mumbai JW Marriott

I reached the venue
in my "whites" and sound
and in the lobby some interesting folks I found.

Vineet, Karthik, Nandita & Renie,
And Sea of bloggers, Oh I knew so many!

Lo and behold, everyone's invited
bloggers from Mumbai, B'lore, Delhi, Kolkata
all got united

meeting everyone was so much fun
we completed registrations
and were on the run

Dress code was white
and the venue was bright
Selfie studio, photo booth,
colorful hats & glasses, were such a delight

Enter the Bandwagon
and get yourself seated
Wines were served
and with good snacks, bloggers were treated.

I saw one girl with multi color on her head
Pat another, with streaks of red

Here Here

and  Here 

Dove is the secret for this ladies' magical layers

Let's get to know each other
Time for Introduction but no boring lectures
All female bloggers Bindaas and Preen
were divided in a group of thirteen

Together we play, together we run,
together we bonded, webbed a spun

Along came #Zumba, Along came Fun
Along came bloggers, one on one

Post the warm up session, the play date begun
we ran around the halls, for there were games to be won

Dove Zigsaw puzzle, Hoola Hoop,
Basket the ball and hair style in group


If that was not enough,
we were send to pool
To learn tips of bar-tending
and test our tool

Wines , margherita, Martini n Vodka
13 bloggers tried their magic totka

Haste no buddy, no worry but drool
as Dove got some hairstylist
to tend your hairs n style it cool

The day was lovely and evening got fonder
Dinner made its way, with live pasta counter

Soon all the bloggers hit on the floor
when DJ started playing, they wanted some more

Team Indi took all the request
with love and grace
hearts were filled with laughter and
smiles got wider grimace

Pose, click and shoot
Print your picture and untie your boot
for the joy was splendor and event a great fun
results were declared and prizes were won.

Memories were created and pictures were shared
For women felt lovely and being well cared

Behold my friend, for this is no end
how can you forget Indi team's "return gift" wala trend

Girls can't stop ravishing in hush and gags,
Surprise in waiting was the goodie bag
Indi T Shirt, Dove Hair clips
Shampoo and conditioner
and a hair straightener from Philips!!

That was not all that we took
but carried some good memories,
like roses in our book.

Indiblogger team, you surpass your own gleam
and get more better, stream after stream
If I have to choose that one meet
it will be #DovePlay that tops my Tweet!

You are like the rose that fragrances my hands, every time I touch.
You do things like those sweet remembrances that I cherish so much!

Much Love,

Ekta Khetan AKA Numerounity

Aha! and my Dove Song [ a new era of swan song] doesn't just stop here.
Here's a cool collage of those unsung heroes out there.

Renie, Vinit, Nihal and Karthik
Nandita, Swati, Diana and dear Anup.
Let's start a new game, network and loop.


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Woohoo... this meet indeed looks like supperrr funn gurl...
    I am sure female bloggers had great time of life..

    1. Yup Manjulika.. It was touted as the best meet by Indibloggers. It was full of activities wherein Indi team delighted one n all with the very best things in town. They also took great effort for us to mingle with new bloggers. I missed few things but what I didnt missed was great too.

  2. Love how u can play around with words ,
    It was a pleasure connecting :)

    1. Thanks Disha.. I was glad to meet u.. U r such a fun!

  3. Wow such a beautiful poetic journey.
    I wrote a few lines but forgot to make them rhyme ; )
    Loved the props pic...

    1. Thanks Anu..I too had something else in my mind but was very late in posting it.. I was travelling n reaching timelines. Glad that u liked it :)

  4. Great dance images. http://www.hackdeals.com/

  5. Woohoo....This transported me to that evening...though I missed spotting you.... it was really great fun..

    1. Yeah missed meeting you too Mani..let's connect n see if we can meet soon :)


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