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Guess who is the one who is who with from the time you wake up to the time you sleep? Shadow? No... House helps? No...Your mobile? well not with everybody..Then?

Ok, another clue...who is the most important part of your formative years?

Your friends? Umm they keep on changing... Your teachers? The change more often too.. Your health drink? hahaha no..not in every case?

Third clue- Who knows you better than anyone else?
Your Mirror? Naah! Your Banking partner? Oops no...Your spouse?  No way... Yourself? Not really.

Last Clue- whose love is most pure and unconditional?
Your Internet guy? Must be joking... Your expensive maid? whaat never! Your mobile phone? Well it's battery drain sooner than you can imagine

Hmmm... The answer is - Mother, your mom! Your constant companion, the one who knows you better than you, your most reliable partner and off course, the one who loves you purely and unconditionally too!

Mother works very hard for us. And to say that we celebrate "Mother's day" only once a year to comemorate her "round the clock", unpaid, devoted, unparalleled, non stop contribution to our life, is little too less. Well, however I say that even if you take time out for this one special day for your mother, I am sure, the trend will grow and we will value our mother more, each passing day, each coming sunray. Every sunshine, in all gaiety and dine.

Enough said. Let me share a video with you that I stumbled upon youtube this morning. Lets have a look.

Well this video reminded me of so many things that my own mom says. The "Jaldi, Jaldi" is actually her next fav mantra post her morning prayers. I can so much relate to this and am sure you too can.

If you do and if there's that one special one liner that mom mouths, do share it here-

Who know if you can be among top 3 people to win a 10K voucher here? May be that is a way we can take part, win, splurge and make a memorable "Mother's day" for our mom.

Yes, you can select your own templates, moments, upload images of your's and your mom's and tell us the things she says. Not just that, you can also make and share a "Mother's Day's" card for her here. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! I am waiting for your responses and yes, I will be seeing thema ll too there. Happy participating!

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all the MOm's in this world and some above as well. I hope one of you is listening me out too :)

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