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May 18, 2014 4 Comments

Cricket is Craze, Cricket is Daze that do not Faze...Cricket is a maze that set a traveler ablaze n engage. Cricket is a Rage!  Yes, India is a cricket crazy nation and I should be telling you something that you do not know. Awesome. Well, I intend to do exactly that. For India is a cricket crazy nation  but yours truly never liked any sports other than soccer and Lawn tennis in her life so far.

I even bore the constant zap zap of formula 1 season in India and men, must say that I did not enjoy it beyond a point. But Cricket? Oh no, I never liked that sport, even though an entire generation at my home, neighborhood, office, college, city and say entire country was going gaga about it and how.

I still did not buy the notion except the fact that as a marketer, it gave me one good medium to plan and execute my ad campaigns around it.

And one day, the inevitable happened and I, yours truly, not just sat through an entire cricket match but watched it with bated breath. Well cricket does that to you. It grows on you. Leg by leg, arm  by arm, wide by wide, ball by ball, catch by catch and yes off course, boundary by sixer.

It started when I got an exclusive invite for the day long ceremony of Sachin Tendulkar's Farewell- "Salaam Sachin" in Mumbai. Well if Cricket is a religion in India, then Sachin Tendulkar is the God! The conference, needless to say was filled with cricketers around the world. Though the detailed discussion on leg cut, off spin, midriff etc did not make much interest to me, what got me glued was the emotions in air that traveled across Nariman Point to this "Nari's man". Point hai mate!

Post that I watched couple of match [forced] with my friends and must stay that I started loving it. The sense, the tension, the nos, the moving overs, the gliding bats, the striking runs, the amazing catches, the damn it drop, all of them made me bit away my nails, sit glued to the TV screen and relish the sports that I never found sporty indeed.

Cricket, Premier Leagues and My Fav Team Rajasthan
There 's one thing that every cricket fan [read every Indian] will swear by in this country and one across borders. Yes, the legendary India Pakistan match. Apart from the xcitement, I felt these matches brings many many negative vibes between the already erring, at loggerheads countries. I once wondered that what if instead of playing against each other, if these layers play together? would that harness more positive energies and bring peace? May be a certain Mr. Modi [not the #NaMo wala] heard my heartspeak and came up with the brilliant concept of Cricket Premier League.

So when Premiere League came, along premiered many Bollywood Stars with their own team. Being in Kolkata, the obvious choice was Kolkata Team but then the hidden Rajasthani in me rise it's head royally and got me totally hooked onto them for entire season, season after season. It is a club built on strength, courage and fighting prowess. The Royal brand stands for its resilience, intensity, commitment and "never say die" attitude like true Rajputana warriors from the brave land of Rajasthan.

So, my favorite team is "Team Royally Rajasthan". They earned my first attention not cause I belong to Rajasthan, nor does the lovely Ms Shetty who is the owner of the team. The team was full of game, glitz, glamour and gossip and offered all round entertainment...Yeah "Mano-Ranjan" ke "maai-baap". From Shilpa's svelte figure to the swing of the ball on match, their bowling prowess, batting seductress, "fielding" energy and above all sportsmanship. They got me hooked, booked and glued to my TV [a trait that I generally hate doing]. Shane Watson, Stuart Binny, Stephen Smith, Abhishek Nayar, Iqbal Abdullah, Kevon Cooper, Rahul Tewatia, Karun Nair are few names of this formidable team.

Their team spirit, energy, raring to go indeed came handy and Voila, before India could bat an eyelid, this team batted , bowled and caught their efforts to Victory! Great Show team.. and it wasn't a one time victory or luck by chance but their consistence performance has kept them in top rung, series after series. This year they are on top 3 slot.

And while I write this post, the charmers won their Thursday, May 15th match by 62 runs...Voila...Balle Balle or should I say "Khamba Ghani" Victory!

Shane Watson, Smith, Faulkner are just names that can send cold sweat in opponents' spines. It is not just Aussies who rules the roost in RR but the presence of former Indian Skipper Rahul "the wall" Dravid as the team mentor who keeps the team going, charged, energized and "Live your dream", the logo of the team.

The Grand OZ Heist on Thursday May 11th
Team RR is a mystery, an enigma. Full of life and still intriguing. For it aims to give the best of cricket, best of game and best of sports. Who but RR could have done this. On 11th May 2014 they have done the unexpected. Faulkner and team stole the show with their 190+191 =381 runs in Chinnaswamy, making the opponents Bangalore Babu bite the dust. Tsch.. "Persistence" is another laurel that my favorite team posses.

Let me remind- Faulkner, when played last time in Bangalore, scored the fastest ODI 100 for an Australian. Indeed the soil of India, indeed the sportsmanship of James Faulkner and indeed the team spirit of RR that creates such a magic and make cricket premier league interesting. The Mayhem they created in last 6 overs- 14,4,21,23,21...and Voila...Victory was theirs.

Though I surely missed Yuvi playing for RR but then players like Ajinkya Rahane and Karun Nair kept the flag high and ensured that the match unfold a dream for all the viewers.

Now that is what cricket is all about. Excitement, mail biting excitement, turn of the game at every single stroke, creating frenzy in stadium alike as for viewers watching from home or outside like malls. Here's demonstrating their fan following and and ability to make matches interesting from the shot that I clicked at the huge Infinity 2 mall at Mumbai Suburb Malad.

These are the stuff dreams are made of. Even though when cricket League stopped enticing as much as it did, there's one team, one match that made people swarm a mall like flies on a weekday to catch glimpse of an otherwise written off match.

Isn't that amazing? Well cricket lovers, what are you waiting for. Raise your voice and say-

No Jhol but Halla Bol

For Team RR will return back on 19th May 2015 at Sardar Stadium to play against Mumbai team... Whoever wins, one thing you can be sure. My team will not let you down. My team is Royal, my team is Royally Rajasthan!

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