Rise above Fear

December 14, 2014 , 11 Comments

photograph by Robert Doisneau

This is a true story, of Linda and Mr Goodman
They made a beautiful couple, dashing and made for each other,
Made for each other,
 God damn!

Theirs was an unusual pair
Unusual as we all tend.
They met at the metro gateway
When Linda wanted to get inside the train
Inside the high rush bogie,
And Mr. Goodman lent her the helping hand.

She thanked him for his gesture
And said that he is Godsend.
Cause she has been missing all her trains
And this was her last hope
This was her first time at Metro
And she wanted to go till next stop.

Linda was a young graduate
Who hailed from a beautiful sleepy hamlet
And moved in with her distant cousin
To the slick life of this rushed urbane.
She hated the rush that metro offered
And she could not wait for Christmas
When she can travel back to her place
Or make way for her parents to visit her.

Goodman liked the spirit of the lady
And offered her a place to seat.
It was that moment when Linda looked at him thoughtfully.
It was the first time when their eyes meet.

Sparks fly and touched the sky
The blue cerulean sparkled in the day light
And Linda and Mr. Goodman kept on talking
Little did she knew the slipping timing.
Her station came and unnoticeably went
She found herself engrossed in Goodman’s song
The song that has melody and grace
The song that was also written all over their face.

A little glance of Linda said many a thing
Of dreams enclosed within her little heart string.
He wanted to not let the moment go
But there was little that he can do
He liked the lady and wanted to woo
But was unsure if she felt similar
He just did not wanted to offend her.
Fear, it was his fear
Fear of losing a beautiful relation before it start,
Fear of not giving enough opportunity
To take forward a beautiful start.

The fear was mutual and the fear was strong
The fear took over Linda’s tone
She brushed her throat and stepped aside
She wanted to take things in her stride.
“I think I am getting late for my home”
She told Mr. Goodman and tried to move alone.

As she took a step, he saw her limping
Curious he asked the local to check-in
“Oh Ms Linda, well she is an amputee,
The limp in her leg is actually is a physical disability.
She met with an accident a Christmas before
And that unfortunate moment took her all.

Her engagement broke, her fiancé erred
Post her break up, she almost disappeared.
I saw her today after a long
God bless her, she is a lovely soul”.
The words of local clenched his heart
Mr. Goodman tried to remember things from start.

“Oh now I know what she could not tell
This was her fear and my fall”.

Goodman rushed outside the station
Looking furtively for Linda in utmost desperation.
He spotted her near the street lane.
He jumped to reach and held her hand.
“I fear no more and have taken
The leap of faith and love is my inspiration.
What begin with me and you,
is such a beautiful thing that I can’t let any fear

I want to rise above my fear and offer you my heart.
Lady, let’s continue this beautiful start.
If you feel the same that I do.
Look at my eyes and say- I love you”.

“I rise above my fear and hold you dear.
Hold me close and keep me near.
I too want to feel true love”
Said Linda unperturbed.

He fear no mob, no ostracism no jeer.
He clasp her hands and brought her near
And planted a kiss.
Ah! Love is such a bliss!
It is love that bring you close to God
Love makes you fight all odd.
Hold hands of love and
Rise above Fear

This story poem is inspired by-
Theme- Rise above Fear from Indiblogger and Mountain Dew [ check out the video below]
Picture: Magpie Tale

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Anonymous15 December

    A heart wrenching, emotionally powerful and sensitive tale of love told with a beautiful heart, Ekta:)

  2. Rise above fear...I like that...

  3. A triumph of the soul , and of creative writing !

  4. Ah, that fear just before deciding to gamble with your heart1

  5. Loved how you combined prompts. Love is indeed the best feeling :) And that was creatively developed :)

  6. This is beautiful and heart-warming.:)


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