Window Shopping

December 29, 2014 , , 10 Comments

It is that time of the year
when world is wrapped in Snow
and festival cheer!
Holiday season happenstance!

Economy and commerce sees a surge
when buyers and spenders splurge!
markets decorated in colorful laces
crimson joys spread across faces

I passed through this colorful store
with glasses and black decor.
The store was bright and picturesque sight
they offered up to 40% off
as a Clearance Sale was on

Contrary to popular notion
costliest products occupied the major portion
as customers did not made a great beeline
The store probably did not much Advertise.

Sale "Up to" X % is eyewash
Sales often made us buy Trash
That we may not have cared much before
but still pay premium to procure.

Some Sales are utterly waste
when we buy on impulse
and discounted value
and not on taste
Are we the Lah-di-dah lit picker?
in name fashion & merchandising
Brands goof-ups
is sold by advertising

The holiday/ seasonal discount always amused me
As a consumer we often fail to see
how Brands and stores takes us for rides
they ride on our hard earn and deride.
Making us wear "Pink" tinted glass.
And you thought Purchasing parity of the Class?

Even on the magnanimous discount they offer
as a consumer we only suffer
why to pay a premium all the while?

You think at 40% less they suffer a loss?
retail business needs a toss
between pricing and conscience
between value and the price
what are we buying?

We are buying nothing but decor
the fabulous bovarism merchandise of the store
making consumer bear the hokum cost
The prices shooting up the roof
commercialization is such a spoof
Hey you upwardly mobile galoot
The sale is not such a loot!
Such is the power of retail
they smitten you with long tail

At such time what I do
is to ambulate the streets 
in pell-mell route
looking for the dovetail boot
widen my eyes and gape-seed the couture
Hoyden me, in apocryphal outlook
a girl has different views to retail therapy.
Happiness is not always direct proportionate to blind spending
comeuppance to the window shopping!
Window Shopping!
Comeuppance to the Window shopping!


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Truly said Ekta! Cannot see how traders suffer with enormous discounts given. We've been had! Great lines!


    1. Thanks Kaykuala.

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  2. Hey yeah , lets devour the planet ...8 billion Madam Bovarys running wild !
    Cheers Mate

    1. Hahaa!

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  3. Philosophical musings expressed so well. Good to know you!

    1. Thank you so much! :)

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      See ya there!

  4. An eye-opener... and I agree, happiness is not directly proportional to blind spending ...

    1. Yes. We often spend for things that may lure us but neither suit nor endure us. Thank You Mani :)

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  5. Like your take. The sale is not always what it seems. Woe to the consumer who shops for happiness.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Theresa! Most of the Sales, to me, are mere an eye wash.

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