Happy Mother's Day

May 11, 2015 6 Comments

They said that
since God can not be everywhere
He made mothers

An author wrote
Men are from Mars
and women from Venus
I believe that
Mothers are from Space.

They are pristine gifts of God,
They are subtle and divine.
Made from a different soil,
they nurture the child
and give life.

Hail Mary!
Mother of Lord Jesus.
Bless the motherhood,
and bless all our mothers.

They say it has been celebrated
for the mothers, who have gone away.
I say, do love the one near you
 Happy Mother's day

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  1. Such a beautiful tribute to mothers you have here.

  2. Alma Mater , where would we all be without her , Isis Hera Juno Nepthys Cybele Demeter Rhea Frigg

  3. Anonymous11 May


  4. Mothers are from space... Love this tribute.

  5. A delightful post for this day; well done.

  6. A nice read. Well done!


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