12 Must Movies in 2015

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Off late, I have lost my interest in cinema given the time crunch and mediocre quality of films. However certain films like- Dumm laga ke haisha, Piku etc makes me change my mind and go back to watching few of them. It is creativity, strong characters, story ideas, more real to life backdrop that attracts me to a film. And sometime, I watch them just for laughs and criticizing them on my blog. Lolz If you read me reviewing Himmatwala or Murder 3, you would have found that how sometime a review can be more entertaining them a the movie. Modesty, my friend. Let's patch back :)

Coming back to movies, well these days I have been quite cautious of what am I watching. While I do look for recommendations for same, my movie viewing decisions however, are primarily ruled by my perception [largely from the pre-release trailers or feelers or interest it generated during launch]. I do not let other's review overpower my sense of judgement, unless there is an exceptional "momentary lapse of reason". 

Well before I get too verbose, here's the list of Top 12 movies that makes for #MustWatch in 2015. This list is given to me by my friends in Vouchercloud, who have taken pains to find out the movie details, do their in-depth search and come out with a beautiful Infographic on the same.

Here we go, with my individual perecption on each of them. To check the entire Infographic visit their website-

Well I am not a Superhero movie fan and may give this film a miss. 

Bombay Velvet is an interesting name. And as I write, the movie has already been released and if, reports were to be believed, the way the movie is sinking, it will be more aptly called "Bombay Duck". Criticism notwithstanding, I will still watch the film and have my opinion. Reason? This is touted as the comeback film of the mast mast girl- Raveena Tandon and men, she is a delight to watch on screen. Wonder if she is doing more films. I will watch all of them.

Off course, there is Ranbir Kappor but I am not liking his look in this film. He reminds me of this actor who played Tabu's son in the Namesake.

This seems to be interesting given the plethora of earthquake happening around. 

Hmmmm hmmm...thinking...

I may watch this for Charlize Theron.

Who can miss Bond Film? Well I would definitely wait for the trailers and if Daniel Craig does not make me miss my all time favorite Pierce Brosnan in this Bond flick, I will watch it.

Indian actor, in a Hollywood popular series. Hmmm now would Irrfan khan be reduced to other Indian actors, playing less than a flick second cameo in phoren film or will work his "deadpan" magic there...is something worth the hype. what say?

There is no dearth of horror in life and horror is indeed not my genre anymore. I would rather watch re-runs of Boston legal to entertain myself. Regarding scary quotient, well my salary slip does that to me Lolz..

well tha

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