Educate your daughter

January 10, 2016 2 Comments

We often read in primary books
that taught us to read and write
it taught us about actions,
early learnings that we all imbibe.

It read-
"Kamla paani la"
"Ram school ja"
"maa khana bana"
"Pita kaam pe ja".

Education sets us free
it is meant to liberate our souls.
Education shows us the way
Education teaches us about the world more.

Then why liberation, freedom and education
should be restricted to selected few?
why the thing that brings us from darkness,
should be enlightened to select few?

Education is not male or female
instead, education is a right
an equal opportunity for all the people.
let them avail, do not deprive.

Educate your daughter,
your wife, your neighbour, your sister.
educate the girl child


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  1. So well articulated Ekta and you've made a powerful point. Th first lines came to my mind,
    Ram school ja"
    "maa khana bana"
    "Pita kaam pe ja".

    We have embedded a deep sense of unfair patriarchy that sadly has permeated over generations.


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