There is more to the Woman in Me!

January 18, 2016 , 9 Comments

We live in one dimension world,
one way perception,
two way street
that is only
black or white

I am a woman
harrowed down in my own imperfection
battling daily aperception.
of lame prejudices
and second hand opinions.

A woman is the mirror of her society
A living embodiment of entirety.
Look close, beyond my usual reflection.

There is more to me
then my flesh and skin,
this side or the other
why the glass is akin?

Why do you always see
the nakedness of my body?
finding that one flaw
that may not define me broadly.

why am I just a muse for your painting
An object of your applesauce screening?
There is more to me
There is more to me,
then what you can just absorb,
reflect, mirror or see.

This poetry is an original work and draws references based on prompts given by-

Picture: Magpie 302
3 Word Wednesday 462: Lame, Harrowing, Imperfect
ABC Wednesday- Apperception, Applesauce
Poetry Pantry

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  1. Beautifully weaved poem. I already read it thrice still cant stop reading it. Simply wonderful and thought provoking.

  2. It takes more than a set of eyes to see the true person...

  3. oh yes of course there is more to the woman...nice write...

  4. perception becomes reality


  5. Oh yes. women are just more than that. Awesome, Ekta. Loved it. :)

  6. Very nice, a rallying cry for women everywhere.

  7. There is so much more to us all then meets the eye, or in this case the mirror.

  8. Thoughtful and beautiful...


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