The Girl Who Loved a Man

January 13, 2016 , 10 Comments

photo by Ed Ross
I met this girl on my hallway, her name was Rose. She told that it was the original name given by her Parents and she does not like to be called by that name anymore. I asked her what is the good name that she liked to be called by? And she replied- Call me by any name as it doesn't matter to her anymore. I was taken aback by her cold stance. She was a pretty girl to look at. With Big eyes, full lips and a translucent skin tone, she looked every word the name her parents gave her. I turned my gaze to her eyes and could see a sea of emotions there. There was something about her that made me freeze in that moment and I kept looking at her face. 

There was something about Rose
Her dreamy eyes,
her long nose.
Her closed lips, close red fuller lips
wanted to tell me something.
Something that I wanted to ask her,
something she wanted to tell
but yet words failed us.

I looked in her eyes
Her deep brown eyes
Once full of dreams,
were grave as stone
her eyes haunted me.

They had love,
They had Passion
yet they were so devoid
of hope and expression.

I asked her what is she doing so late in the night and whom does she live with. She told she lived with her husband and many a things-

I live with my husband
man I once counted as my friend.
so deep was our relation
that can't help falling love.
Love that made her sail
Away from where she hail
to the man she loved,
the man she entrusted
all her heart,
her happiness and her future.
all the dreams she nurture

I asked what went wrong?
and she said-

Her one word told me a lot many things. I did not want to probe her hurt or add to her injury. Neither did I know how to help her. Indeed, I was concerned for her. 

Her eyes spoke many things 
without her talking,
her face was tired and white
due to all meaningless walking.
I asked her to return home 
it is not safe for her to roam. 
She nod in affirmation
and a resilient confirmation.

Her eyes spectacular of her pain
her beautiful face could not sustain,
the miseries that love brought to her
and as she said
She will never be self again.

She did not know what went wrong
even when there is love,
how could hatred prolong
Hence, she is searching for her answers
walking on that dark street alone.

She continues to wander every night,
pondering about her romantic twilight.
I often find her around
nursing her unseen wound.

The girl who loved a Man
the girl by name- Rose
or any other name you may call
A Rose is a Rose, is a Rose

If you meet her, do help her find the road to her home.

Written this broadway freestyle prose and poetry for The Magpie Tale

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Quite an eerie write, hope your wandering slyph finds her way

    Much love...

    1. Glad you liked it Gillena. Sending your good wishes to my sylph :)

  2. Well written, Ekta!

    1. Anupama, my friend. How are you? Long time!

  3. Ekta!! Love this poem expression passion, sadness and love in equal measure. paisa vasool:)

  4. Oh how nicely you have expressed it. Loved the poem, Ekta.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This comment is exploding my world. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  7. Sad story, this. Tribulation in the flesh, the bible calls it. Though survival, uncertain, is triumphant! Dont give up


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