Four Iconic Characters That You Loved From Star Trek Series

July 24, 2016 4 Comments

Star trek is one most iconic in the history of the TV and films. It has hooked different generation alike and almost became a part of our lives through our TV screens. The TV series first hit the airwaves in 1966 and impacted popular culture and sciences like no other. It is 50+ years, this franchise is still going strong.

Whether it is the sci-fi setting, the iconic Utilitarian theme/debate “The need of the many, outweighs the needs of the few” or the iconic characters- Captain Kirk/ Spock, Star Trek has a league of its own.

As the new series in the rebooted universe of Kelvin timeline- Star Trek Beyond hits the cinemas, fans and viewers are drawn like magnets to this all new “alternate reality” series of JJ Abrams that is directed by of “Justin lin” of fast and furious fame.

Aha! I am not going to spoil the movie for those who are yet to see it, rather I am writing about the top5 characters from the movie series that touched many chords and are quite popular. Want to know who are they?

1)     Captain Kirk: James T Kirk is the Human captain of the Starship USS Enterprise, who leads his team to explore “where no man has gone before”. He is a mix of geek and space cowboy who cheats the death and never puts his ship or crew to harm. The role is essayed by William Shatner and Chris Pines.

2)     Spock: He is a breed of Vulcan and human. One of the logical and emotional sounding boards of captain Kirk. His character of an alien outsider making observations about the human race is one of the best inventions of the sci-fi. His quirky demeanour, pointy hair, and that famous Vulcan Salute made him a sci-fi legend. This immensely popular role was earlier essayed by Leonard Nimoy and now by Zachary Quinto. Do you know that it was Nimoy who invented the Spock Salute based on priestly blessings?

3)     Data: He is a self-aware, a charming android who is considered as next generation Spock equivalent. He is the funniest and most thought-provoking supporting crew member. He serves as the second officer and has impressive computational skills. Data is immune to all biological disease but vulnerable to all technological hazards like computer viruses, remote control shutdown, energy discharges, chip malfunctioning and more. This role is essayed by Brent Spiner.

4)     Jean-Luc Picard: This human scholar and diplomat, is an embodiment of the intellect-over-brutality ideal that star Trek legacy is built on. He is another popular captain of the Starfleet, apart from Kirk. A lot of debate ongoing as in who is better Captain he or Kirk, take your pick. Picard is considered to be an ultimate delegator of authority who works superbly with Data. Patrick Stewart has immortalized this role and is an absolute delight to watch.

There are other interesting characters Leonard McCoy, Worf, Benjamin Sisko, William Rikers and more. You will be surprised to know even Dr. Stephen Hawking has made an appearance in this TV series.

Right now am waiting to watch the newly released Star Trek Beyond that has received rave reviews abroad. This new enhanced version seems to be well lapped by the audiences. The movie is turning new dimensions with marketing too. Do check out their spaceship activation in Mumbai.

Leaving you with this brilliant trailer for the Star Trek Beyond-

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  1. Live long and prosper. And now, Beam me up Scotty.

  2. My so is waiting for this movie :)

  3. Sounds interesting. I can't remember watching it, though!

  4. Star Trek movies are like revisiting childhood memories. These characters have left an impression on our mind.


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