Tips for Buying a Home When You are Expecting a Child

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Vartika and Gaurav were expecting their first baby. It meant the world to them. They both hailed from broken homes and wanted nothing but the best for their children. They have planned their baby well in advance so that baby comes happily to their world and they need not have to be worried about anything. From delivery to education to probable names, they have planned everything except for their house.

It was the first month of Vartika’s pregnancy when the landlord asked them to vacate their property in anticipation of one of his family member shifting there. Vartika and Gaurav were not prepared for this as they have signed 2 years lease with the landlord but this sudden change made them think. It was a time to make a quick decision and they decided to buy a “ready to move” house in their vicinity. They wanted to bring their child into their own home but the only challenge they posed was time as we all know buying a house is “no child’s play”.

They were relatively new in the city and did not much about estate agents. Looking for good projects was time-consuming and as a couple, they wanted to save their leaves for a later date. Finding a suitable home is a tedious task and the couple went berserk and clueless with all the different marketing collaterals and property information.

This is not just about Vartika and Gaurav, but many other couples who face the same situation. Last week I met Ahujas, a newlywed couple who were planning to buy a house before they could do family planning but were unsure of what to expect and what to take.

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Tips for buying house when you are planning your child

So if you are an expecting parent or new parents or parents in general, and planning to buy a house, then you would like to follow these tips-
  1. Locality: Given the increasing crime rates, you need to do thorough research of the locality wherein you want to live with your child. The area where you plan to shift should be not just neat and clean but safe enough for your children to live in. This also includes- safety at the premise, outside premises etc 
  2.  Accessibility: Human is a social animal and we just cannot live on mountains like hermits. We need to have accessibility to different things like markets, school, hospital, public transport [basis your preferred mode] 
  3.  Open Spaces: No matter how big or small your home is, your child would need some space to go out and play. City living has taken away the physical activities and flexibilities from a child’s life and unless you want your child to be an introvert, gadget freak whose mode of entertainment is all about playing games on mobile and computer, you may need to look for open safe where your child can meet other children, make friends, play outdoor games, ride bicycle and more. 
  4. Budget: Rearing a child is no easy job. As the child grows, needs grow, the expenses associated with a child largely in terms of education, living etc also grows. The inflation will always be there and you need to factor in your child’s education cost vis a vie your spending capability. Hence, having a realistic budget while buying a house is important. 
  5.  Ergonomics: This is a critical construction factor that you need to evaluate keeping the women's pregnancy and child in mind. This includes placement of stairs or artificial platforms in-house. You need to find or build a "babyproof" house.

Well, those were the top 5 tips that you must consider. If you noticed, all these factors lead to one common sentiment/ need i.e. convenience.

We human look convenience in everything including while buying a house. So when convenience is so vital, why not bring it to our process of house hunt?

I have lived in different cities of India and hunting for a house is a tedious task even though when you have sufficient budgets. The “problem of plenty” and the pain of “identifying the best from all possible options” especially in the context of housing, has found some relief. The relief has come in the form of HDFC Red, a premium app developed by banking major HDFC that helps to identify, check and select a right property to buy.

Not just that, HDFC Red also has all this at the convenience of your fingertips with their all-new mobile app that enables you to surf, enquire and check properties “on the go”.

This app is not limited to just metros but has listings from over 23 cities in India. You can download the Android and iOs version the from The App Store.

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Gaurav and Vartika downloaded this app and with its help, they were able to find a suitable house within a week’s time. It is "ready to move" property and guess what? The house is close to Gaurav’s office and Vartika has already started designing the room for their baby.

So, if you are looking to buy a property for your family, do check out HDFC Red

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