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July 11, 2016 , 6 Comments

I started blogging way back in 2008 but I was writing ever since I was in school. It all started with my casual conversations with my mama, with whom I would discuss innuendo things on human behavior, our family happenings, life as I used to see, travels and more. He would patiently listen to all my thoughts and lead me through very mature and meaningful conversations. I found a great friend in him who would give precedence to my thoughts and discuss in details, explaining without being judgemental. He took me through my mom's writing and motivated me to start writing. 

I started penning my thoughts in forms of poems. Earlier I will write them randomly on wasteful stationary papers, sooner I started rewriting them in a diary [if they were not lost] and keep it confined in a closet. Very rarely did I allow anyone to read my poems. Not that I feared being judged but because I would not like people to misuse it or copy it or I felt they may not understand. My poems were the bruises and ointment scribbled in words, not necessarily my own, not necessarily for me only. 

I was addicted to my diary and it became my unwanted best friend. I stopped writing the poems for long, and one day I started blogging. 

I have written and spoken at the various occasion as how I started blogging and what it meant to me. Today, inspired by writetribe prompt, I want to share some insights on "how I keep my blogging positive".

1) Writing for Passion and not for commercials: Blogging for me is putting my thoughts in words. was always close to my heart and in spite of having a great stats and reputation here, I deliberately built another blog [] for lifestyle purposes.  Either it is thus blog or my other blog, I always intend to write with my heart, even though I write fewer posts. I write on social causes too, as I feel for them and want them to reach a larger audience. 

2) Original Content: I write what comes to me- good, bad or ugly. I write on my own- no ghost writers, no inspired content, no word spinner, no greed to be proved best. I write to unleash my thoughts. 90% of the blogs is written in my head, barely 10% makes to posts.  I do not write to bring stats to my blog or be counted in top lists. I am glad and thankful to the people who awarded me top ranks, trophies, prizes and listed me top blogs genuinely. They motivated and encouraged me.

3) Simple communication and no dictionary reference: I loved learning new words but I believe in simple writing that everyone can read. I do not consider my blog as a tool to show my thesaurus or vocabulary prowess but goes with words that will come naturally, replace a lot with simple words so everyone can understand.

4)  Humor and Inspiration: These are the two keywords that I try to focus while I write my posts. Some of you may accord "sarcasm" as another tool, I accept it with the heart as it drives my society and causes related posts. Men, if I do not respect I thing, I openly admit it rather than being a cat who closes eyes while drinking a milk as if no one is watching.

You may concur/disagree with me. Lets keep it healthy, constructive and human.



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  1. Writing for passion is I think the most important thing If you do something with undying passion, you can never fail.

  2. Ekta! The girl!! I love reading your blogs since a long time and yeah there are times when I don't comment but I give a miss to your writing very rarely. Keep writing! Yo! You have a huge repeat value and like the name Numero Unity:)

  3. Dominant Article, Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Beautifully expressed Ekta. I share your passion for writing.. I know how it feels.. love reading what seemed like a reflection of my thoughts :)


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