Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan is Way Kuch Zyada Film! Review

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There is a theory that suggests the reason behind a lot of love stories not ending in marriage or facing way too heat is the absence of family consent. A larger part of the Indian family could not digest the idea of their child marrying someone they have not selected and causes many disruptions. While some painstakingly sail through those disruptions, many falter. 

The film Shubh Mangal Jyada Savdhan very diligently sails through all this with a fresh new angle of LGBT marriage/relationship.

The Shubh- Mangal of it

I was quite excited to watch this movie. It has many of my favorite assets- Ayushmann Khurana, Jeetu sir, and cream of an ensemble cast including Neena Gupta and Gajdhar Rao.

The movie had an interesting subject too- an LGBT relationship. That is how a conservative family takes on such kind of marriage and relationship. It has another important satire that a lot of people missed- Goggle's wedding- A plump looking gal whose' uncle by mistake shot her eye with a Gulel and in spite of being a researcher, never thought about an eye transplant. 

Moving ahead- we have the two protagonists- Karthik and Aman who are small-time salesmen, one-time Jodi makers [they help a friend with benefit run away with her lover], and every time an awkward lover on screen. Well, that is the Zyada Savdhan of it.

The Zyada Savdhan of it

The previous Shubh Mangal Savdhan franchise had an interesting take on erectile dysfunction. The subject and the treatment of the film was indeed a worthy watch. So when you learn about a likable project returning with a new and interesting subject, you are naturally curious to watch it. 

Given my limited knowledge and understanding on the LGBT relation, I was quite keen to see it unfold in an Ayushman Khurrana Project. 

And if you have seen TVF webisodes and still do not like Jeetendra Kumar, you are most likely to be not so normal. Sorry but he really grows on you with his consistently good performance. And he was quite good in the film too.

He made the otherwise drab looking film worth watching scene after another OTT scene. I am afraid the same could not be said for the otherwise delightful Ayushman Khurana.

The Zyada of the FILM

There quite a lot of unnecessary "zyada" in the film. Starting from the over spirited performance of Ayushmann Khurana [ at one point it looks as if he is goading an unassuming Aman into the relationship], over spirited Gajdhar Rao and the constant dragging of the subject. The metaphor of Kaali Gobhi goes a long way and feels good only at the climax. Sometimes you feel if the metaphor is for the lead characters or working against them.

However, if you watch the movie for the second time, some of these flaws may give way to more applauds and regards. 

Overall The Subh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan

The film had all essential elements and successfully nudges many inappropriate practices like patriarchy, the Tripathi's' way of dealing with an uncomfortable relationship- like denial, repulsion, blackmail, shame, overbearing cultural rituals where they conveniently declared their son dead and performs his final rituals just to prove their point. The film very brilliantly accentuated the gimmickry that goes around when it comes to a relationship some of us feel is unacceptable. 

The film has many interesting ironies that if pondered upon, could pave way for better relationships. For example- Aman's father is a renowned Agro scientist who redesigns a popular crop, uses the latest technology, and considers himself superior over his family yet he could not digest the fact that his only son could be gay. He forgets that part of the science conveniently. He is ok if his pointless discoveries could cause riots in the city but any opposition at his home is not acceptable. He is ok if the daughter of the family is missing since her wedding is called off even in the riot driven state, but he is not ok if his son chooses a life partner.

Well DDLJ is passe, SMZS should be the next love bible for all the love birds. 

While there may be fewer "Zyada",  If you can skip the "zyada" part of the film, then this film in all its entirety is an important lesson to learn and understand. The film may not be as crisp as the trailer but it is full of metaphors that you will like watching. 

The film may not work as well on our semi-urban senses as it should do on the lesser sophisticated ones. And that is the battle half won. And do not by what some critics/ viewers have to say otherwise- kyunki like love, jo concept inke dimaag mein fit nahi baithta, yeh usko dabaaa date hai.

Kudos to Ayushmaan Khurana and the entire team. bring more such cinema that challenges a lot of social "fixed in the mind" legacy!

My Rating 4/5 Stars


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