Corona, Politics & search for an incorruptible administrator – What lies ahead for India??

June 09, 2020 1 Comments

Here we are sitting at home isolating self and fearing for the near & dear ones’ safety from Corona with deep sense settling slowly that Government has left all of us to fend for self and has forced us to practically play hide & seek against the Virus.

At such grave times, the News that has left me baffled is of Gujarat Congress moving its MLAs to resorts after resignation of 3 MLAs ahead of Rajya Sabha Polls. Apparently, Congress is forced to make such move to stave off any poaching of its MLAs from the ruling BJP. It’s the same day when State of Gujarat has observed nearly 500 additions in cases of Corona with tally of deceased crossing 1200. By global standards and what west has seen, this may not be a huge tally but what stands out is the abject surrender by Government of Gujarat before the disease & the Virus stating that more tests will lead to 70% of the population testing positive for COVID[-19].

With this prelude, let us analyze implications of such abject surrender

In 2014, most of the people who voted for Modi saw him as an administrator who had vastly improved the economy of State of Gujarat and had no corruption record against him. People hoped that being a strong administrator, he will root out corruption and take India to glorious heights. Essentially, majority of the people supporting Modi desired a nationalist at the helm of the nation especially in the backdrop ever-growing list of corruptions scandals of the UPA era (2004-2014). However, given that largely Hindus support the BJP, almost everyone confused the Nationalist identity of significant number of pro-Modi voters with as Hindutva support / fanatics and have not been able to differentiate between the two.

As the years progressed, larger masses have had no issues with Modi Government as it kept both the Nationalists and the Hindutva supporters happy. Nationalists were happy by a perceived non-corrupt Government which could flex muscles against terrorists and Pakistan and Hindutva supporters were happy by barrage of actions / wins over Muslims which they have seen as anti-Hindus over centuries of rules under Mughals and then Congress.

While there was criticism in respect of slow rate of growth, hopeless implementation of Demonetization & GST and social discord, Modi came back to power in 2019 merely on account of:

1. Populaces’ continued believe that he is a good administrator and his intentions are of nation building

2. Lack of honest and credible opposition

a. Opposition is marred with a poor track record

b. No one sees Rahul Gandhi as a credible opposition or even fancies a chance of him being a good & honest administrator

c. Opposition did not do itself any favour by siding with JNU students who shouted anti-India slogans

d. Appeasement policies are detested by the majority

3. He needs to be given more time to prove himself as he had to find his way out of the Congress designed system of last 60+ years

4. Corruption is far lesser than previous regime

5. And his rhetoric against Pakistan especially the Balakot & Uri strikes

Essentially it was not his good work of nation building but it was the hopeless opposition and populaces’ hope that got him the 2nd chance.

However, just post the election of 2019 when everyone expected him to reinvigorate economy, he selected a finance minister whose first maiden budget thrashed hopes of the nationalists of any change.

So clearly nationalists are gradually getting disillusioned from the Modi Government. And any hope which they had of Modi Government performing is waning and is waning rapidly. People have come to realize that this Government cannot handle the matters related to economy, however good the intentions be. Speeches of Modi which were one time galvanizing the nation are getting routinely repetitive and are either bereft of content or fails miserably in demonstrating actual success on the ground. 

The balance confidence which Nationalists had on Modi has been lost in the handling of Covid:

1. Government’s thrust to reduce number of tests / patients by blocking access to medical facilities to general public is criminal

2. Poor implementation of ~2.5+ months long lockdown with no discernable benefits other than slowing down the spread by a couple of months

a. Infact delayed permission of travel to migrant laborers has pushed corona deep into the country which seriously lacks medical infrastructure

3. Paucity of test kits even after months – No nationalist can accept that Government cannot develop a test kit (we are not talking about medicine or vaccine) or in worst case not procure sufficient test kits – it only demonstrates that government is clueless in its handling of the matter

4. Promoting PM Cares over PM National Relief Fund – It does not feel right to many people

5. No tangible updates from very senior members of the Government

6. Many policy flip-flops

While full impact of Corona is yet to unfold and many of us may suffer (though wish no one of us do!!), what’s most infuriating is that main party’s media cell is already trying to paint a rosy picture and as usual trying to go gaga over the accomplishments of the leader. Only hope that it’s not too early in the day.

Other factors that have started weighing heavily in the minds of populace is the strong-armed tactics against all the four pillars of the democracy. Media is either being bull-dozed by various arms of the government and / or people are being personally targeted in this era of Social Media. Judges roaster is being played around and are being pulled out of the matters which they are hearing. In every state poaching is being tried and it is gradually becoming an accepted norm. The alleged action of BJP in the state of Gujarat will irk any person with sensible mind. At a time when state is unable to fight the invisible enemy and state has virtually surrendered (read above), such undemocratic measures are being used by the party in power. Such actions are certainly not good for democratic set-up and need to be thwarted by the overwhelming majority of Nationalists who have in the past supported Modi.

There have been some positives also and some ministers have tried to do the best they could do but on an overall basis the need of the current Government to have an iron fist approach and to operate always as if in election mode, has not served well generally. Not delving here over other issues such as social discord, preferentialism, corruption etc.

At the last, can only hope that either Modi Government changes its tracks or Congress elects an incorruptible administrator (word administrator is used after much deliberation!!) as its party Chief or their leader for the post of Prime Minister. There is no doubt that a good leader at the helm of Congress will draw huge support from the masses and will be potent force against the Modi.

Only hope that one of the two aforementioned events don’t occur not too late in the day and the country is in safe hands!!!


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