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April 01, 2009 4 Comments

Last evening my little nephew [Boeing-Boeing chap] called me up to convey his love for me and my stupid blogs. Hee he

In his sweet little baritone, he appealed- “Mushy, [our personal version of masi] am sooo “J” [a capital J] that you spent times with so many other kids whereas I can’t get to spend time with you. But meantime, am also confused whether I shall feel proud or jealous that other kids like my mushy too”. Well that’s typical pihu for me ;)

He paused and then continued “Achacha while I still guess on that, you must tell me more about those children”. And I hope by now you would have understood that what followed after that. Off course a strong round of Q&A and curiosity inundated.

“One at a time pihu”, I quipped. “One at a time bachcha”!!!

And then I told him about RCFC, children there and the good work they do. If you too want to know more about them, without having to wait for my blog, do visit-

At the end of it, he got quite moved with the tales of those little children and their wonder prosthesis. I was so pleased by the inquisitive mind of my little one that I decided to dedicate a special column for him. He got excited with the idea and promised me to mail a query a week for the same. “Gosh!!! I can’t promise pihu but will try to blog on that if not, will answer just on mail”.

“Deal” the young charmer consented. But my commitment to help him in his class assignments and other stuff will stands as it is and shouldn’t bear any conflict with new commitments. Phew!!! “Yes boss” I agreed

Next came, naamkaran [naming ceremony] of these posts. I suggested- “Pihu Bole” my dedicated writings to celebrate this joy called pihu in my life!!! “Nah, mushy it sounds kiddies, let’s figure something more grown up”. Aha! That’s another typical of pihu for me. So after few seconds of brainstorming, we finally agreed on “Veni, Vedi & Eureka”. His recently acquired knowledge of Julius ceaser and Archimedes finally put to use.

Anyways, the ‘terms & conditions’ clause didn’t get over here. I was taken on oath to not let his id made popular [individual risk coming under section “girls”, “girlfriends” or probable “GFs”] and some regular ones like I must use new words [Vocab exercise for lil one]. And then there were few others elucidated, trivial to mention at this point.

So here we are, ready to launch our new JV AKA Joint Venture. Keep reading and posted.

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  1. How old is Pihu?

    Reminds me of one of my favourite movei, Parinita and the song "Pihu Bole, Pihu Bole, Pihu Bole......."

  2. Hey sorry for keeping away for so long...know a mother of a cutie now...she takes away so much of time...but it is cool.

    Keep writing this baby stuff as well...sounds vcery helpful to me:-)

  3. Mushy!!! Mushy!!! :-)

  4. @ Rahul

    Pihu is much older than his age...hahaha but looks like a little baby ...just born.

    Thanks...Do not see you much these days on my blog circuit. Guess motherhood takes a lot of time away.

    @ Sanchi


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