Numerounity turns 50 today!!!

April 16, 2009 10 Comments

Well not in terms of years but in no of posts. Whoa!!! Must congratulate me for all the mighty effort that I pulled in to keep the show running and BRPs [an abridged version of TRP] pouring!!! Hee he... Chaps! Thanks to you all for sticking around and keep listening to all my verbal brouhahas, one over other.
Yeah, I have been missing from the scene from sometime. It is not that I had run out of content or context of things to be told. In fact, there are a lot of things to be told. But every time when I want to pen them down, I feel like- “Jaane do yaro”.

Jane do yaro!! Who is going to read all that I churn one after other. There are lots of wonderful people, writing lots of wonderful things on lots of seemingly wonderful blogs. And while I still struggle to find right expressions, my self introspection continues on…

So, I went back to, living in my fool’ paradise. Juggling with life as usual over some routine, some non-routine and some non routine, but seemingly routine chores and you know jazz. I stuffed my senses with the glossies of idiot box, savored roughly half a dozen sitcoms and nearly got carried away with some sob-sobs on screen. However, I still shrug off the over the top drama that is been show cased over and over again.
Until y’day when an ex suitor of mine called up to express how much he got smitten off with the movie “50 first dates” [which he saw recently] and also how he correlated that am yet to write my 50th blog. Well how he correlated, is another big-complex story [which I may sell to one of television producers who are in serious need for innovative n interesting contents. Ms Ekta Kapur, want me to help you?] and best left for discussions sometime else.

Hmmm so people do read my blogs [well it is other thing that I pester couple of them with continuous threats!!! Heee]. But there are pals like Amit Khandelia and Rahul Dravid, who reads my stuff and get motivated to write their own. Guys, if you are listening, Pl note my royalties/commission still pending.
Peace, peace. So what if my creativity is still struggling with cosmetic surgeries. So what? I must write. Even though if I have to make my friends like Mynk, Amit and Mohit visit my blogs and read. Write I must!!!
Okay! Enough of my mindless wanderings and scribbling. So it is my 50th blog and it’s supposed to be made special. Thus I am burdened as to how should I make it appear special? Hmmm let me make a quick wish list of 50 things that comes to me in next 50+50 seconds. On top recall-
1. I wish someone sends me 50 flowers
2. I wish, my salary gets hiked by min 50% this PMS
3. I wish I could buy 50 new dresses and matching accessories!!!
4. I wish to hold a child in my hand and shower him/her with 50 lovely kissies.
5. I wish I could go for 50 long days holidays around the world.
6. I wish I could give 50 tight slaps to people who cheat on me like my ex flat mate who ran without paying any money, colleagues who plays dirty politics with me [well a dozen slaps will do]
7. I wish I can buy a brand new dell XPS laptop at 50% less price.
8. I hope to taste and judge 50 different types of pasta, sitting in a waterfront cafe. Ummm
9. I wish I have 50 most eligible suitors wanting to get married to me and waiting for my one single “yes”.
10. I wish I get rich and popular within 50days and continues to be for next 50* 50 years
11. I wish I had boy friend like Adam Sandler in 50 first dates!!!
12. I wish to know what more do I wish to write here….
Well guys that explains all. For it is incredible for me to enlist my wish list here. Or think of any other suitable 50 theme I can ink here. Sorry Humber!!! All I can say-
“50 and still not out”!!!Cheers!!!

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  1. can surely add a number 51 once you are done with your 50.. and that is "I pledge to make all my 50 wishes come true."

    All the best!

  2. Hey keep it up.
    i have told u 50 times that i vl remain here to read ur blog.

  3. Hey Thanks for mentioning me........I thought you forgot and forgot writing too.....

    Why only 17 wishes....could have taken them to 50......

    See I told, you do come up with original and creative thoughts.....

    Its indeed a time to celebrate....

  4. M too sure that even when numero unity turns 50 in age...she will be as gorgeous!!!

    It was cute one....i am toh always ready to fulfill all 50 wishes...ho ho!!!

  5. Interesting read!!! way to go...

  6. * someone sends me 50 flowers!!! hmm i wish too...

  7. Thanks Ashutosh, Akash, Moi, Moayank, Rahul, Yuvs and Joyce.

    Ashutosh and Akash,

    Where are you these days...haven't seen you here from long time...

    keep posted

  8. Good Good..Congratulations !!

    I am also mentioned in the post..achha hai..thanks yaar

    But my energy is down again and these days am not able to write office..lately its been so hectic...

    congrats once again and may all your dreams come true..

  9. @ Amit

    Finally someone got time from facebook...hahaha...joking. nice to see you back!!! And thanbks for the lovely wishes.


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