Of bungee jumping, adventure sports and stillborn dreams

April 19, 2009 , 14 Comments

What did you say? Did you say bungee jumping? Ekta!!!
Yeah, doc

Ekta!!! Are you serious? We met few minutes back and you mentioned nothing about this. Are you pulling my leg?
No doc I am pretty serious. The idea just bubbled up…

Ekta you are not well and moreover bungee jumping? I know you are very enterprising. But bungee jumping???!!
But doc you said I am showing a damn good recovery and I must keep myself happy. What is the best way to keep yourself happy than doing the things which makes you happy. Its therapeutic you see.

But of all things Bungee Jumping? Yeah, I wanted to see you happy but that too through people around, with more friends and company.

Ekta...you know what is bungee jumping? And how do you propose doing that? Have you ever done this before? Will you be comfortable tying one leg and dangling upside down in air? And which leg will you tie? What is height and how will you secure/support yourself against gravity? I hope am making sense to you. After all you understand ergonomics so well.

Simply as people do bungee jumping. Hmmm you are making sense indeed. Though I haven’t done it before but I always wanted to. In fact when I was holidaying in goa with my parents, my dad permitted me as well. Only thing is that we got caught up with a social gathering in a beach far away from the lace and missed.

Hmmm…Ekta why suddenly this bungee jumping idea?
Doc my friend in Air force yellanhanka base [Bangalore] invited me to visit the adventure camp at with him where they have bungee jumping as well. Knowing my interest he suggested we both can go bungee jumping together. Isn’t that great?!? Well you can join too!!!

Ekta no! I do not recommend you taking any strain esp now when you are recovering from such a chest effusion. Not for this year ma.
Doc please do not demotivate me, rather help me finding a way to get it done. At least let me try. If it perplexes me even an ounce, will quit.

Ha ha ha Ekta you are such a darling. Well you have full life to do all that you wish to but now you must rest. All you need now is lot of tender love and care and proper health care. You are doing such an amazing recovery, why risk it? Bungee jumping and things like that may wait, if at all you ever wish to do it.
Hmmm yup doc, as you say.

Come on you are such a brave girl.
Hmmmm [what brave@#@] [Sigh] [Deep sigh]

Well that was the synopsis of the telephonic discussion between me and my doc in November 07. It is 2009 now and the adventure sport freak in me is still waiting to get positively satiated. I know I know… Life is an escapade in itself . But who wants those uninvited, unsolicited kind of adventures anyways. I would rather prefer bungee jumping, scuba diving, snorkeling, Para gliding, sailing, skiing etc.

In school, papa promised me a fulltoo trip to north east. A full camp trip, filled with all the adventure sport. Wow! I was damn excited. So much that I washed my sports shoes twice and stacked away in a place safe from any probable dirt or grime, making it trip-ready. But then October 4th 1994 happened. And I got devoid of all my freaky ambition and made to adept an alien territory viz- academics. Sigh how boring.

However I could never stopped dreaming about it. When we planned a trip to Goa, I got excited all over again. So much that I skipped my Miss L.A.D contest [where I was surprisingly top contender for the crown], packed my bags and hopped into train from Nagpur to Mumbai. Interestingly the girl, who filled in my position after my exit, won the 2nd position. Alas, due to huge rush and exorbitant restrictions I couldn’t do more than steamer-ing and that boring cruising. The second trip was promised but is yet to happen. Heard about that famous “Dhobi ka Gadha”???

Hmmm you must be wondering why I am suddenly talking about all these, while giving no perspective on life, movies, people and all that jazz. Right? Well last night I had a sound sleep. And in my sleep I saw that am on an exotic locale, with fine breeze blowing southward and ah so pleasant of weather. I was in my favorite hot pants n tee, gearing up for sky diving. Suddenly somebody called my name and as I turned back to see the person, I was metamorphosed back in the long tee which I wore before going to bed. I found myself in my room, snoring if not snorkeling.

Morning I got up and heaved a la K L Saigal- “Mera sundar sapna toot gaya” in the shower. Trot-trot I trotted down to office and opened my laptop to divert my mind to work. To my dismay, my mail box was flooded with pictures from a friend who had recently embarked on trip to Europe and went camera crazy. He did rafting, skiing and what not. And I, I turned green [with envy], red [with anger], yellow [with gloom] and what not.

I snatched the newspaper from my dad’s hand and told him that am willing to get married provided he finds me a guy who is considerate about adventure sport and will take me through at least white water rafting, Para-sailing and such fun. And I am ok even if he is Marwari, but not pan chewing, mum-pet [puppet] fatso puhleeze.

He was amused, bemused and again amused. He then smiled off and asked me to stop yapping and obtain half day leave to attend my cousin’s wedding.

On our way to venue, dad made me climb that local bus. “it will go straight to Tolly, maybe in midway we will take a cab”. “Anyways you wanted some adventure, so try Kolkata bus for starters”. I heaved a sigh and helplessly succumbed to pa’s orders.
Mera Sundar sapna Toot gaya!!! Tut tut

Disclaimer: I do not snore, just used that for effects heee

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. ur Dad is ohh-so-ryt
    A ride on a Kolkata bus is nothing short of a horror adventure (mis)sport:P

  2. Hey..thats quite creative and different...girlie you churning interseting posts one after other and am still loving it...

    Talking about adventures....how can u forget nagpur when u used to walk on broken foot all on your own?

    Also all your vayusena nagar expedition etc...kaha se kaha yeh daring baaz ladki chali jati thi!!

  3. How do you know that you don't snore hehe ... hey very nice blog... quite creative..

  4. 51 not out in fact!!!

    Good fun and interesting stuff

  5. "I do not snore, just used that for effects"... that was real cute...

  6. Riya says- interesting!!!

    Adventure sports rocks man!!!

    Heard of underwater sports taking a lot of milestone these days..

  7. Water sports are the coolest. Yet to try Bungee jumping though :).
    U look to be an extreme enthusiat , basing ur marriage decision on it :).

  8. Hey thanks CN, Moi, Mayank, Phantom, Zing, Joyce and Riya for your comments...trust you will continue reading and writing!!!

    have fun.

  9. @Mayank

    How do you know that I snore?!!??


  10. How could you forget adventure@chennai bus and late night return back journey to your hostel!!! Whoa who said you didn't much advnture sport in life!!! Ask me!

  11. That was really cute and interesting..

    loads of dreams and energy..I appreciate babes but I think Doc is right...

    hmm ahaa hmm..husband kaisa ho ye bhi likha hai..i hope most elegible bachelors in town are reading this..stop snoring ..err giggling..hmm snoring dat i will have to ask ur room mate whether u really do ??? chor ki daadhi mein tinka...disclaimer kyun daala madame...

    really nice post ..keep dreaming and as i always say..Chase your dreams until you catch them...impossible is nothing..

    cool !!

  12. @ sanchi
    Well i could never forget those "joy rides". hahaha and then walking all way down in dark to college campus and hostel...how many km would that be? 2km?

    Yeah doc was right. In fact i am getting old now...so must refrain
    ;-) haha...And i really do not snore...aur meri bhi thank good, touch wood dadhi bhi nahi hai!!!

  13. Approx 2 km for sure...


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