April fool!!!

April 01, 2009 7 Comments

Silly Row Row Row Your Boat
Row row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Ha ha fooled youI'm a submarine!

Today is 1st April, the “all fool’s day”. The legend is that King Charles IX changed April 1st to January 1st as the first day of the year. And the people who stayed with the 1st April as the first day were considered as “April fools”.

The day is so infamous for its hoaxes that sometime people doubt the real news stories as released on this day

Some real ones that were mistaken for a hoax-
1. Gmail’ launch on April 1st 2004 was widely believed as a prank. In fact on the same day, in 2007 a python escaped from its New York city’ office was considered as the hoax created by the Google.
2. The death of king George of Greece in April 1947 was considered as another hoax
3. In April 1946, Aleutian Island earthquake tsunami killed 165 people in Hawaii and Alaska. The warnings weren’t taken seriously on the assumptions of April fools day prank

You wondering what am I up to? Whether I played a prank or not? Created any hoax around? Well, seriously no. Having read some of the stupid April fools SMS and mails floating around since yesterday, day before and all these years, I find them getting progressively lousy each passing year. I would rather not encourage the idea of messing up fooling around. All I would like to say that beware if the news that you’ve got is not just a prank. Think through

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  1. Hey! I never knew, infact never thought of seeking why April Fool. And after reading you, I actually went searching online, how it originated. Thinking what if you too.........

  2. It probably doesn't make sense following certain occassions anymore..Fools' day being one...I guess far too many people actually go overboard with the deception thing and yes at times its had disastrous results..

  3. thnku 4 enlightening wid d history behind dis say:)

  4. nice blog you ve got Ekta!

  5. Hi waiting to read your 50th blog!!! It would surely be an amazing acheivement.

    Kudos ekta!!

  6. Thanks Rahul, Ashutosh, CN, sachin and Mayank for all your kind comments. Keep posted.

  7. April foool is such a c`liche... heady heady.. good piece


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