मेरी श्रद्धांजलि - बापू

October 02, 2012 , 17 Comments

बापू तेरी समाधि पे
में आज जा के रोई
तेरा सत्य तेरी अहिंसा
है में आज जग सोई
आ कर उन्हें जगा ले, भारत में पुनः तू
तेरे सिवा इनको, जगा सकता नही कोई

तेरी समाधि पे सब नै है फूल सजाया
पर मैने तो बापू केवल आँसू ही बहाया
तेरी मातृभूमि भी है तुझको याद करती
आँखों से उसे के हर दम है आँसू धारा बहती

चमक था विश्व गगन में ध्रुव सा एक तारा
वही था महात्मा गांधी, बापू हमारा

....शेष.... to be continued

Above poem is a "Guest Post" by mom- Suman Lata Khetan
बंदे में था दम, वंदे मातरम!
.....few words by me (Ekta)

My fondest memory with Mahatma Gandhi is dated to the days when my Nani (grand mom) use to narrate me the story of her march with Mahatma Gandhi- Father of the nation. Over the years I feel that Bapu has some how confined into the pages of our school text books and those framed pictures within the mere confinement of those walls. His fragile frame has also been reduced to mere identification mark in our currencies which has become an antagonist to Gandhian philosophy

He was the one who lead the Apartheid movement in South Africa, the one who asked us to unite and fight against the British Govt. Even the world of glamour couldn't remain untouched from his aura. He came alive on big screen and became blockbuster hit with Lage Raho Munnabhai. Soon "Gandhigiri" became a rage only to be doused off at next big Bollywood hit. Today people talk about him but only to fuel up their political ambition- filled with greed, dishonesty, corruption and CoalgateHawala changed notes with  Jalianwala, Salt march metamorphosed into Fodder scam, civil disobedience faded into power play, Apartheid movement took shape of Hindu Muslim divide, Charkha is replaced by Tommy Hilfigers of the world, Lathi is suppressed by Gun, Satyagraha is treated like chemical locha, Kashmir is making faces to Champaran & Kheda, Untouchables spelled vote bank, and Congress became Dynasty raj! 

We all carry him in our wallets but not in our hearts anymore. Gandhi bashing has become sport, fashion, a style statement, in vogue. Little do we realize that we need to amass only his positive traits and preaching and see the wonder it may do collectively. I pledge to remain true to my Gandhian value that I learnt in my school text book. Do you?

Wrapping my thoughts with these beautiful songs:- 
1. Banded mein tha dum from Lage raho munna bhai 2. Raghupati Raghav Rajaram from Purab aur Paschim

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  1. Totally agree with each word there, Ekta! Nice post.

  2. Lovely tribute Ekta :)
    Waiting for the to be continued part :p :p
    Kudos to your mother for writing a factually correct and enlightening second half to the post.
    Keep it up :)



    1. Many thanks Jay :)

      The poem is written by mom, ages ago even when I was not born...say before 1976(not that its my birth date :P)

      The second part- the verse in english is written by- yours truly, me!!! :)

      The poem is incomplete n TBC as I forgot rest of the part so did my mom...once retrieved, will add in. Till then keep in touch :)

  3. Very well said. Nowadays, Gandhi is in our wallets and lip service by a few political leaders. Today is also the birthday of another illustrious leader, Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri. Let us remember both Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Shastri.

    1. yes...Mr. Shastri was a class apart! No word may suffice him :)

  4. My tribute :)

    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler


  5. Anonymous04 October

    Accha hai bapu aaj zinda nahin hein, warna hamare desh ki halat ko dekh k shayad ro padte.

    1. Yup well said! Maybe shayad woh koi koshish karte magar kaise?

  6. It's really pathetic the way we have been treating these fighters. Nobody really cares what he preached :(

  7. nice tribute
    Regards to your mom for this beautiful composition

  8. Came across this recently, glad that you wrote about the "Gandhi bashing" thats going around. Airheads in this country will never understand what he was unfortunately and will keep coming out with new 'discoveries' that he was this, that etc. Thanks for writing this.

    1. Most welcome. Keep visiting my blog and tank u for ur comments.

  9. Anonymous24 January

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