Let There be Light

September 16, 2014 , 8 Comments

मन बावरा है 
जाने कहा भटकता फिरे 
मन सांवरा हैं 
तेरी तपिश में सुलगता फिरे 

तेरी धूप के रूख , मुँह धरे 
है पर्दो में लिपटी मेरी आँखे।
जाने किस खिड़कियों  के पट खोलकर 
है खड़ी तेरी राह में, मेरी साँसे 

मन चाह रहा है 
तेरे सुख की आस में बरसने को,
मन बह  रहा है 
तेरी बाँहो में चुपके से, लग कर गले

मन आवारा नहीं,
कि जैसे पतझड़ में गिरे पत्ते 
जो दरख़्तों के साये से 
छिटक के दूर कहीं खो जाते हैं 
मायूस हो कर बुझे पत्ते 
शाखों की फ़िराक में 
खुले आसमानों के तले। 

The above poem is one of my "on spurr of moment" creations based on the picture prompt given by the gorgeous team of MagpieTales. This time I felt like ding the challenge in the Hindi Language. In case if you have trouble reading in Hindi, Here's the translation of above in English....

Heart is a crazy wanderer
dunno where it wanders in randomness
This dusky heart
burns sapphire in thou desire

Turning it's face towards your sunshine,
my eyes curtained in your sunshine.
Opening the panes of unknown windows
these breaths awaits your path

Heart wishes to ensconced itself 
drench in hopes of your joys
it wants to drown itself
hidden inside the ring of your arms

For all hearts that wanders, are not lost 
like those leaves of autumn, which
falls down the embrace of their trees
dull, lifeless and lost in oblivion leaves,
in search of branches
Under the open wide cerulean

Mann Bawra hai
Jaane kaha bhatakata phire
Mann Saawra hai
Teri Tapish mein sulagata phire
Teri dhoop ke rukh, mooh karke
he pardo mein lipti meri aankhe
Jaane kis khidkiyo ke pat kholke
hai kahdi teri raah mein meri saanse

Mann Chaah raha hai
ki teri sukh ke aas mein yeh baras pade
Mann beh raha hai
tere baahon me chup se lag ke gale

Mann awara nahi
jaise patjhad se gire patte
jo darkahto ke saaye se,
chitak kahi, dur kho jaate hai
maayus ho kar boojhe  patte 
shaakho ki firaq mein
khule aasmano ke tale

This poem is copyright protected, pl do share/ transfer/ republish etc which may go against the rights without the permission of the author.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. All those autumn brown hearts that mulch the earth in the great ferment that paves the way for new life ....

    1. That's a Beautiful expression you suggested.

  2. Beautiful lines... An art in words :) TC! Keep smiling :) Happy writing!

  3. Ekta this is utterly beautiful!

    1. Thank You Carrie! I am glad you liked it :)

  4. Beautiful, Ekta. Poetry in motion swaying to the heart's contentment:)


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