Walking Over Water

September 25, 2014 , 6 Comments

She waddled through the waves
and paddled over the bubbles
through her boots
managing the tresses on her face.

She wanted to travel to the horizon
and walked as if no one is watching,
she walked as if no one is walking
along with her.

It did not matter to her 
if no shadow followed
or if no figurine lead her
It mattered no longer to her.

They scorned her and mocked
and pushed against the wall
She brushed them aside and did the walking
She was not willing to fall.

They threw her some stones,
pelted immature furor
and uproar
She minced no word,
even though they were absurd
and continued walking over the troubled water.
They followed her with hatred filled laughter.
She turned her back
and walked over water without a care.

not stooping to their level,
bade them luck and goodbye.
For she knew, a better world awaits her,
a better world looks to her forward.
with open arms, embrace.

She walked ahead with poise and grace

Who said you cannot walk over water?
they perchance knew no life art.

The secret of walking over water
is knowing
where stones are.

Source: Magpie Tales
This poem is also an expression of a  bad experience that the author of this blog has to undergo recently when she was in situation and between two dependents, she chose the one less fortunate but more needy. What followed was not "constructively collaborative" but yes a part of life. So live on. Like we live our good moments, bad experiences too shall be lived, gracefully :)

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Very inspiring poem Ekta... Yes, whatever may happen, live on! TC! Keep smiling :)

  2. "The secret of walking over water
    is knowing
    where stones are." - lovely lines :-)

    1. I am glad that you liked them as much as I liked them :)

  3. Yes... The secret of walking over water is knowing where stones are. Perhaps the same stones that they threw at her.


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