When #Haldiram became Jaldiram

September 01, 2014 1 Comments

You would have heard of Rocket Babies or pre- mature babies. But have you ever heard of "pre mature" Jalebis? And Fafdas, and Bhujiyas and other edibles?

Well savory and sweetmeat giant Haldiram has become a pioneer in this arena by selling products even before their manufacturing date. You don't know what I say? Hee he..

Picture this-

When a friend of mine forwarded me this image, I too was as clue less as you are. I asked my friend- What's this?

He said- Look closer

What I saw, is what I am sharing. It was 30th August 2014 and having seen a popular savory pack which was "packed" on 1st September 2014 [almost 2 days in advance], I could not stop marveling at the "futuristic" wonder of one of my favorite Bhujiya maker. Oh yes it is their "unhealthy bhujiya" that you see in form of fat all over my body [including other addictive food like Cheese, butter et all]

Wowsie! In enthusiasm I opened my kitchen shelf and finished 2 bowl of Haldiram bhujiya in 1 go. YUmm slurrp, who knew if food could become so "futuristic" ever :)

FDA... Awww..leave it!

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1 comment:

  1. Haha! My reaction was the same when I saw the tweet yesterday!


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