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January 30, 2015 2 Comments

46 BC, City of Zela

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Circa 2015

Tata came, Tata shown and Tata Conquered!

Well with due permission from the Great Julius Ceaser, I want to borrow and adjust his famous  quote to express my view on the new launch from the able Tata stable- The New Tata Bolt!
Tata is a powerful name that needs no introduction in India. From that basic Salt in your kitchen to Tea/coffee on your table to luxurious hospitality to Authentic Jewelry to path-breaking watches to Steel and engineering, leading CSRs, new age Mobile Technology with per second billing, TATAs have been there, done that. I am big fan of almost all of their brands including Tanishq, Titan, Taaza and Taj. Also having worked for Tata Teleservices in past, I have seen their dedication to excellence closely. A dedication that well reflects in all products that they make, all services they deliver. A dedication they have woven with Quality Assurance tools like Malcolm Balridge rigorous quality certification to Six Sigma precision. In simple words, they are sheer pioneers and category leaders in every industry that they have set their foot in! And my friend- Automobile is no lesser!

Such excellence! It could not exclude the Automobile sector either.  From path breaking HUVs to LUVs like Nano to bringing Fiat, Jaguar in India, the exclusive and inclusive house of TATAs has many aces up their sleeves. The new Bolt is another Gem in their accomplished hat. Do not believe me? Well read more to know more.

Tata Bolt- Get, Set and Bolt
Notwithstanding the glory they created with their previous launch last year- Tata Zest, a car that earned them a huge appreciation and changed the way world looked at Tata's LUV arm. Tatas are tireless people, not known to bask in Glory with singular success, they rather believe in "creating constant innovation and consumer delight". Hence they are now ready to storm Indian Car Market with their new Hatchback Sedan- Tata Bolt [ I cant resist saying- Bas naam hi kaafi hai i.e. Just the name is enough]

Statistically speaking
Hatchbacks accounts for nearly 50% of the monthly car sales in east and South India
Since the Launch of Tata Bolt, as many as 50,000 people have registered for Test Drive [including yours tuly]

Love at First Sight- My Tryst with Tata Bolt
I have been looking to buy a car and since it is going to be my first car, it is close to heart. That explains why I could not make my mind thus far and why I registered to check this out at the mall near to me. I missed being there during the Zest launch and given the good market report it generated, I decided to visit Oberoi Mall, Mumbai in spite of long journey and bad health. [Tata brings that vigor in you]. Unfortunately for me , my trip a little too long and by the time I managed to reach the demo area at the mall, the assisting team had already left by then. Well that did not deteriorated my admiration for the car, nor did I stopped ogling. So with help of my husband, we went to check this car from as close as we can get. Husband who generally writes of some big brands and their cars by bringing some "ifs and buts", was for a change all appreciative of Tata Bolt. He helped me explored the feature and seeing our enthusiasm, many other passer- by, got curious and came forth with their families and kids to check this new red beauty, with bolt. 

Tata Bolt Engineering explained in my Words-

When aspiration interjects with Science
the technology gets new meaning, it redefines

Science evolves and technology revolts
time to break monotony and Jolt
and set new standards
Time to conquer new technical forts

Segment superior Space and comfort
Sink in and experience the blitzkrieg bird
Come I will tell you what all it got-

ConnectNext touchscreen Infotainment by Harman
and an array of connectivity
from Smartphone enabled MapMyIndia Navigation
to advanced voice command recognition
there's more to fuel your ignition

I am floored! is an understatement.
I am "bolt" makes sense
with Revotron 1.2 turnocharged MPfi petrol engine
Bolt is an exceptional driving revolution
It ain't mere good looking Vanity
with 9th gen Bosch and dual airbags
it is Gen Next Safety

Stay in control all the time
and drive with luxury, drive all fine
First time ever multidrive
Sports, City Eco, it leads and not just survive
Electric power Assist steering
with 5 Speed MT, gear box built in
Would you still leave that space for doubt?

Forget the Monotony, Do the Zing

Get, Set with Tata Bolt
Give your car experience, a new meaning

PS: the text in bolt are the actual features of the Tata Bolt

Be Desi, buy Desi with Global Capabilities
Tata truly accentuates the feeling that when Swadeshi is so Good, compatible and better, than Videshi, why to look out for options? And Tata as always, aims to win market by beating with sheer irrelevance. The Blue Ocean Strategy to kill the cluttered car market.

Is it a car or is it a SPORTS CAR?
Surprise- it is BOTH! Well luxury meets affordability and the answer is- Tata Bolt. 
You don't wonder what, how and why. For you are too busy being in love with this lean, mean machine to wonder anything but indulge in everything. 

Lovely Exteriors, Spell Binding Interiors
A lot of time I decide a car's beauty by seeing how it is designed at back. Often a lot of car that we see in this segment, are aesthetically challenged. Some either had a good front but bad looks like a beaten metal. Some looks good from inside but are very crampy inside. The good news is that I found Tata Bolt beautiful, spacious both from inside and outside. At Rs 4.45 Lakhs, it is a steal!

Here's how, have a Dekko at this video, made by yours truly!

Beauty is not just Skin deep
Who said that vanity offers no usability? and functionality offers no beauty? Well time to change that mindset. Time to switch to Tata Bolt to feel that difference and shoot the monkey and ride that tiger! The New Tata Bolt is a beauty with a Bolt!

If you are not Red, You are Sad
Red is festive, Red is Cheer
Red is winsome, Red is dear
Red is Sodality, Creativity and Aristocrat
Red sparkles passion, wields and beget
Red is Classy, Vintage and Revolt
Red is the color of fire
Red is the color of Bolt!

Out of Bolt, out of blue. The Red colors of Bolt emphasizes Passion, spirit and a sparkling promise. So what are you waiting for? Go get the Red, get the Bolt and Zoom on!

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