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Love makes my world go around
I am a born romantic. For me it was not just monsoon but a beautiful weather, full of magic and poems. I have written quite a few odes in subject of love, romance and all that things, close to heart. Like many other girls, I was fascinated by the thought of this Prince Charming, who will appear from no where, enchant me with his love, sweep me off my feet and take me along, to the world of Happy Endings.
Did anyone come? Well some people crossed the life and the feeling was strong but I always feared of explaining it, leave alone recognizing and accepting it. A lot of times I was glad that it did not happen but then there were times when I fely- SHould have told. Was it admitting my love that was restricting me or the fear of failure that pulled me back from confessing one of the best feeling in the world.
Down the line I realized that if I keep waiting for other person to speak up, admit and pop up the question, I need to give acceptable cues. Ah! That worked. My love strength went up and I realized that dropping subtle hint is important as like women, men may also harbor same feelings, same challenges. So speak out.
One small step of a man was a giant leap for Mankind- Neil Armstrong
Today I have evolved in to an independent person but when it comes to confess that little love to your crush, I am still the dud. Valentines come and go, but this year, I am gonna make most of my Valentine by making that first move and breaking the stereotypes. Let their be rejection but at least I will be glad that I tried.

My plans this Valentine
I have developed this little crush and I am going to tell it to my crush. Valentine should be a good time. I could use the same logic as people use in Indian Festival of Holi- Bura na maano Holi hai. Or following the Aamir Khan way as in the movie- Dil- Ladki pati toh pati, warna Rakhi ready. [a girl not woed, is a Rakhi best saved lolz] I plan nothing but to get Close and get admitting. Time to be Alfa female.

How I will meet and Win my Crush
Some plans up on my sleeves-

1) Book to hook your cook- Yeah you read it right. I will ensure that this valentine, my crush and I get that window to spend time together and in solemnity.

2) Way to a man's heart is through his stomach- I will bake a heart shape cake for him and as cliche as it may sound, man love the idea of home baked cakes. It tells them that you care and also, showcase that you are a good cook ;) [Momma can meet you ]

3) Make a video of self trying to say all those things that I always wanted to say but feared of speaking up. May be try saying it via a song. Hmmm time to clear that dust off my guitar and make a brand new composition

4) Make a picture collage of both of us and add little romantic music to it.  Both videos to be given post the cake ceremony

5) A hand made card for him that would be more like a scrap book that echoes our jourey together, so far and plans ahead...

Sigh if all these do not work, I shall take my crush to the mall and get on the podium. With a little request from RJ, and a mike in my hand, I shall announce my love and tell him to answer right there, right now. Off course, I need lots of Tequila shots for the same and beautiful red lipstick to bring forth a pout that melt hearts away.
Well that was pointers on how I am gonna play cupid with my crush. How about you? Well do you need ideas? Hmm then do not follow my boring ideas but log on to this fun site of Close up wherein some real cool ideas are being shared. What are you waiting for? It is circa 2015, get innovative, get romantic and win that love!

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