Men Makes Cloths

January 08, 2015 , 4 Comments

He dried out his cloths
out in open
for the wind to do the needful.

He did his laundry
but was left heart broken
When sudden rain spoiled his bucketful.

It rained while being sunny
and that's what he found funny
They say- fox is getting wedded

He planned to mend his back garden
and hang the cloth in covered patio
till the monsoon gets evaded

If you want to built in philosophy
let me tell you a small story
that man makes cloths
and cloths doesn't maketh Men!

Cloths are not religion
unless you meant Fashion
Don't let prejudices rule over your logic

You are Orange, I am green
why in the name of God you preen?
Burning Humanity over religion is tragic.

Your body is just like those cloths
hanging loosely over that backyard rope
It is your soul that is Quintessential!

God has given you natural Terrain
and you have build those wooden Fence
Religion is just a man made "Clothing Label"

No matter how many lines you scored
The backyard is still not yours
You are mere loose hanging fabric, Men

At the risk of making you irritate
I will once again reiterate
That "Men makes cloths"
and "do not let cloths make a Men"!


When I started to write this poem, I just wanted to give a right response, perception to the picture. At the risk of sounding preachy, I could not abstain from weaving philosophy and wanted to highlight the fact that fighting, killing and destroying over name of God or religion is not a right thing to do. We are the children of God and. God does not give us right to hurt, harm the universe that he had made.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Anonymous08 January

    Absolutely amazing poem and how you've made an important point, poured in the mind-blowing words:)

  2. Thank You So much Team Blogadda. Its my privilege :)

    Will spread the word indeed!

  3. It was not preachy. It's beautiful.


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