#KhudKoKarBuland and Take Charge of Your Destiny

January 12, 2015 , 2 Comments

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” 

While I was coming to office today, I saw an old lady trying to cross the signal. She was old, alone but daring to go. Some of the onlookers tried to escort her but she refused and reached out to her bag and took out a folding stick. She elevated the stick and with help of it, walked across the signal, successfully to the other side. I was amused and indeed quite impressed. I reached out to her and admitted how awe inspiring her courage was and if still, she needs any support, I would be more than happy to offer my help.

The lady smiled and told me that why she did not took help from others. She know she is old and soon her legs might give enough. Hence she had enrolled herself for a 90 days power Yoga classes, just around the corner, across the road in a bid to strengthen herself. She would be crossing the road every day and hence wanted to build her self-sufficiency right from there.  To her, Yoga is part of her “planning” for long term and the stick is the “security” she chose to follow her passion, independently. She could have taken help from someone today and tomorrow but in long term, she is her best support and need to be strong enough to sail through. To her, building her strength was her “Insurance” at old age.

Her tenacity reminded me of this famous lines-

“Khud ko kar buland itna
Ki har taqdeer se pehle khuda pooche,
Bata teri raza kya hai!”

She reminded me of Ashutosh and her father. Do you know their story? Well do check this heartfelt video to know about Ashutosh and his “with never say die attitude” Father.

Wasn't that an awe-inspiring and heart touching video? You know when I watched it, my eyes filled with tears. It is not easy to be parents and being a single parent is a tough task. In spite, of Ashutosh’s limited ability and his own volatile career, his father with his adequate planning and security, had managed his dreams, family and protected them from all contingencies that life thrown at them. He indeed lived up the Shakespearean quote above. Hats off to his spirit!

It’s all about the Money, Honey
Who says that money does not bring happiness? Ask the people who lose their jobs suddenly or are retired without adequate funds. Or ask the households which has lost their earning members to mortality and struggling to find both the ends meet. Or ask that poor Indian who live in pain cause he/she is not able to afford a basic Rs 25000 surgery for self/family. Hopeless cynics, either bridge the economic gap or inspire/ help people achieve self sufficiency and financal independence. In today’s world, apart from your soul, money is your biggest asset. An asset that is well substantiated by a better funds management and planning. I call it “Financial management”.

What is Financial Planning
Financial planning is a detailed evaluation of your current and future financial state using your cash flows [in and out], assets and liabilities including expenses. It is a tool to secure your future monetarily to averse any kind of financial contingency arising out of “Uncertainty”. An economy flourishes when Investment is higher than expense, and together they are within your income limits. Take example of Ashutosh’s father.

No matter who you are today, what is your earning, you are always threatened by that one thing- Unknown AKA the future. You never know what future holds for you. With right financial planning, you will indeed hold your future in your own hands. Let mortality not scare you but rather inspire you to take charge of your own destiny, go fearlessly and Protect your dreams.

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You never know, what future holds for you
So do not be a victim, but lead.
Be your own temple
And you will find God residing in you

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Be your own strength
And then no one can beat you down.
Beat atrocity and not the spirit
Let nightmares do not scare you.
Follow your passion, Live your dreams!

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Invest in your future
Walk the path with security and not helpless screams
Plan for your future, Live your dreams.
And the world will bow to you!

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PS: The pictures and the Video is courtesy Birla Sun Life Insurance. The poem and the content of the blog is author's own and protected by copyright. Please do not use my content/poem without a written permission from me. Appreciate your time. Thanks.

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  1. Loved your post Ekta... :-) and it seems our thought waves for this campaign are quite similar :-D

  2. Lovly ads.. Got emotional!!


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