Boogie Woogie Nights

February 04, 2015 7 Comments


Women and Men folklore
do party galore
The night is still young
Let food and wine flow
Spring up your daisy
Set the decor,
wear your dancing shoes
Shake your booty
Let the music flow,
come one, lets burn the floor
Take your positions
make your moves
It is time to groove
The Boogie- Woogie Nights Return

This is a 5 minute picture prompted poem written by the blog author.
If you liked my poem and want me to pen down something for you, let me know.
The content is copyright protected and permission from the author is mandatory in writing.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I thought he looked like Dirk Diggler !

  2. Anonymous05 February

    That's a cool one, flirting with words and jigging it to heaven:)

  3. Excuse me, may I have the honour of the next boogie-woogie?

  4. Cute! Today's hip scene becomes tomorrow's folk dance.

  5. Hehe .. this was really continue. Please continue.


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