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February 17, 2015 3 Comments

It was an unusual Sunday Noon when I was watching a movie on the TV with my nephew- Piu. Now if you follow my blogs, you would know a little about Pihu. I call it unusual cause these days I do not get to meet Pihu that Often. He is growing up and has school regime to follow with his various other classes including one in Karate. Karate Kid as I would often call him these days, has always this complain that I am not spending enough time with him. Point noted and guilty as found. In the hustle and screeching bustle of my life, I have kind of forgotten living. In the endless pursuit of our career goals, personal ambition and working towards making a brighter future, read a healthy and “financially independent” future, we live too much in stress.

It is the dream that does not let us sleep. And this sleeplessness is causing all the confusion. I somehow get jealous with people who have lot of time and less of work. Seriously yes. I envy their carefree life. My deep thoughts were broken by the sudden voice of my nephew who was curious to know what is Bucket list as discussed in the movie. Yes we were watching the superhot and awe inspiring mvie- The Bucket list. Well talk of co-incidences.

It is then I paused my thought and so did my TV, and went ahead explaining Pihu about the Bucket list, meaning and relevance to the movie so he could concur the plot well and enjoy the film. The curiosity did not end there and Pihu was compelled to explore the concept of Bucket list more. Being his usual buck, the query has to obviously stop at me. I was not taken for surprise when he asked what is my Bucket list and if I have thought about him while making one. Hmm Tough questions the kids ask.

While we do contemplate a lot of “to-dos” in life  but I have not made any bucket list for self except few random wishes here and there. It was time that we decided to take a small break post the end of movie and discuss it further. Pihu agreed and that gave me sometime during the movie to think about my Bucket list.

My Bucket list
If I have to think about the top 5 things that may feature in my Bucket list, basis the top of mind recall, I would think of the following-
  1. Own a house, a car, some property and become a successful entrepreneur and then do not do much work  but write poetry in my plush lawn :)
  2. Yes off course I wanted to go around the world and see some magnificent places
  3. Open a charitable trust in my name for the needy ones ranging from Human to animals. So that I can give back some love to the world full of suffering
  4. This one is special- I want to be among Top 5 Bloggers in the world and be known to everyone across the Globe. It is rather tad too ambitious but if there has to be something like bucket list, it has to be this.
  5. Give the world of happiness to my family including my parents. I will spend as much time with my family as possible. 

 I know everyone has their own dreams and aspirations, well these were mine. How about you?

What do you look for to live befikar, Umar bhar? Do share your thoughts here

And Yes, do watch this TVC and for more information, check out #BefikarUmarBhar

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  1. I really like ur bucket list..
    INteresting post



  2. You are definitely among the Top 6 in India. Point # 4 too would be fulfilled very soon, I am sure :-)


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