Rape, She Fought

February 09, 2015 , 14 Comments

Action Figures by Edith Vonnegut

Women, they say is
a sister, a mother
who bore the child of mankind
and gives birth
to the men

Unfortunately, Alas
All they could see 
is the explicit gratification
and a vainglorious display

There is more to a woman
than the sexually she got
her sensuality and hot bod.
She wages a war
a war, everyday
at every step of her life.
in an attempt to douse,
douse the flame
and all that in-fame 
that the men folk bring to her

Where are the super heroes?
the one she called supermen?
fallen, failed disguises, Statues
Only a costume drama to claim.
what rights and who bestow?
taking on a woman's liberty
not protecting her vanity
her purity, her sanity
but mocking her every base
making her stumble,
fumble at the warring staircase

Even the feline grok
and wondered at all the bloke
who plunders their own soil, empathizes 
the women' turmoil

O Men, what a shame
to humanity
have you bought?
Open your hearts,
clean your mind
Vacuum and tumble dry.

she curses every breath,
The struggle above
and underneath
springs out the wrought
The women who nurture the men,
brings him to life, feed and taught
Instead of getting her dues
Its her pilferage
and rape, that she Fought!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I like how you focused in on the heroism of the woman in the painting

  2. Anonymous10 February

    interesting ...yes !

  3. A very telling tale of superwoman indeed! Great write.

  4. Loved how you brought out the plight of women. And I strongly believe it's the womankind who can change the outlook of their sons.

  5. That's one very bare and feisty woman!

  6. Terrified we are , of her power .....

  7. wowow!!! thats a lovely take on the prompt!!
    its a surprise not many think of heroism of women or rape for a prompt!! strong message that!

  8. A very powerful take on the prompt.

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    1. Awww thank you sooo much Team Blogadda! Love you all!


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