Geisha on the Wall

August 31, 2015 7 Comments

Peonies, William Merritt Chase, 1897

There was a painting on his wall
Of a woman in Red robe
sitting ahead a flower vase
a round brass vase with fresh peonies.

The bright white peonies
that bloomed outside the vase
ensconced in glory
and I guess they smelt well.

The painting was of a little geisha
a lovely, dainty little geisha
with an enchanting fan in her hand
that welcome all the visitors in the hallway

One day he came home before his usual time,
a little early than he always does
and was surprised to see the painting on the wall
he saw something that was unheard

the usual smiling geisha portrait
that looked at all visitors with her eyes enchanted

was sitting towards the beautiful peonies
bouncing, booming in its floral glories.
She stepped back to smell the flowers

Ah! such a sweet joy of life
when you take a moment in time
and step back to cherish the beautiful flowers
that are around you.

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  1. I love to be surrounded by flowers. They are joyful indeed. What a delightful story.

    Rosey Pinkerton's blog

  2. I like how the gargantuan vase dwarves the geisha. Nice entry

  3. Take time to breathe in the spirit of the flowers. Beautiful poem.

  4. It's enchanting, Ekta. Love the last lines..simply breath-taking and sensational:)

  5. Last lines r bful ! well we all shud take time to cherish the beauties of nature

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