She Smokes, Sea of Smoke at the See shore

August 11, 2015 14 Comments

Addicted to the filth,
she turned a blind eye
and took a deep puff.

Defiant and non regretful
she pulled out, a red pout
and released the cloud.
"not seeing where the smoke went".

Smoking kills,
but it thrills
those brains that beautiful yet dumb
who pull a bud
and succumb
coughing away lives in smoke cuff.

It wasn't a great start
But admiring her male counterpart,
She attached it to her vanity,
and used smoking as her tool to parity
in name of gender equality.
Wish she had equated with some thing better.

She made her body,
once a smoking hot property,
now a s'more of smokes
in kingdom of realms

Sooner or later,
she may beckon,
that she spew cloudy venom
in name of tobacco pleasure.

Till such time,
She smokes,
Sea of Smokes
which she did not see,
when the smoke reached
from the sea, to the shore
and more!

PS: Smoking is injurious to health, wealth and wisdom.

This is written as response to creative prompt given by-
Picture prompt- Magpie Tales
Word Prompt [Addicted, filth, defiant]- 3 words Wednesday

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Indeed.. the smoking kills.. and doing it for the wrong reason sounds just about right.. I see Holly Golightly in your words.. so just maybe she finds her way around.

  2. A powerful poem dedicated to the "beautiful yet dumb" who smoke. Well done.

  3. If you are linking to Poets United "Midweek Motif" (prompt beauty) please mention that in your post as well. Thanks.

  4. I like the witty title...but it's sad when Beauty becomes useless...

  5. s'more of smokes in kingdom of realms

    is a cool riff. Beauty can be ruined so easy by our addictions.

  6. Beauty is so much more that outward appearance and seeing someone smoking certainly doesn't make them attractive only foolish...and it's hardly got an alluring perfume...just a mask. If she is smoking hot property I'll avoid that suburb!

  7. Beauty is often tarnished with the pains of smoking.
    Well penned.

  8. An interesting response to the prompt. Amazing that people think they look cool, when they reek of smoke and their mouths are like ashtrays. LOL.

  9. I know they paint the look as sexy but I think a beautiful woman looks ugly with a smoke hanging from her lips. Add some years and the whole body is tinged with its ugliness

  10. Stopping smoking in 1987 (when I was 48) was the best thing I ever did! But whenI was 16, and began it, thought it made me look sexy and glamorous.

  11. I really also liked the title. This is intriguing, and makes the reader want to go on.

  12. Great poem, the false parity used by the ad companies indeed ruined many a person's health.

  13. Addictions are never pretty. You capture their real ugliness and eradication of real beauty.

  14. Lovely thoughts, well woven. Nice, Ekta!


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