Quick 5 things that I liked about Manjhi, the film on Shandaar, Zabardast, Zindabad Mountain Man

August 25, 2015 , 1 Comments

When my friends insisted that I watch Manjhi over All is well, I was not sure. And when they said it is Abhishek Bachchan v/s Nawajuddin Siddiqui, I was sure that I am going to jhelo even Ketan Mehta over Junior Bachchan.

I did tolerate Ketan over loud mouthed Jr Bachchan and it was all because of a superlative performance by much talented Nawajuddin S who essayed the role of Dashrath Majhi with great Elan and comfort. Dashrath Majhi is a name synonymous with grit, determination and never say die. He is known as the Mountain man, a man with humble backgrounds who have moved the entire mountain to make a road that could connect his village to the rest of the world.

Manjhi the film

Manjhi goes to prove that how Ketan Mehta once again takes a super subject but spoils it with his cliche direction and "Maya memsahib" techniques. The Brilliant subject, awesome acting, heart-wrenching reality. Hope Manjhi brings sufficient focus on subject matter and does good to lives of Indian citizen living in such neglect of govt.

Criticism and bad direction notwithstanding, there were few things that we liked about Manjhi. Those are-

1) The Subject- Glad that filmmakers have chosen a subject with a low commercial value like this and showcased this to world, in not just behind the curtains of film festivals but Big Screen too.

2) Superlative performance by Nawajuddin Siddiqui-If Dashrath Manjhi was the man who paved way through the tough rocks, it is his namesake in the film who had carried the entire film over his abled soldiers, making you think that Dashrath Manjhi was Nawajuddin or vice versa.

3) Shandaar, Zabardast, Zindabad- This sums up a great attitude for life that people should have.

4) The real struggle of common man- The fact about so-called allocation of Govt sanctions, the hard-hitting reality of poverty in India and cruelty of landlord, the age old untouchable misdemeanour that surrounds our so-called caste system, the poor medical/ infrastructural facility in country among others truly demonstrated the demons that the new India still harbors at its hinterland

5) Bhagwan ke Bharose mat baitho, kya pata bhagwan tumhare bharose baith ho- The concluding dialogue in the film that essentially meant- do not wait for God, as you never know that maybe it is God who is waiting for you to act, took the climax to another level, relaying a message that was simple but deep for every viewer to comprehend.

And Yes, I did loved the song- Phaguniya..it has such a romantic and rustic charm attached to it!

If you have not seen Manjhi, do book yourself and family tickets for a show nearby you.

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  1. I saw the trailer and got impressed with this film. yet to watch. Siddiqui is an amazing performer. I liked him after watching Talaash.
    A Rat's Nibble


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