Feed The Birds

November 27, 2015 , 4 Comments

painting by Rubens Peale

We have taken their habitat
and replaced it with ours.
high rises and complexes
and yards to park our vehicles.

The trees that they built nest on,
are taken by electrical poles.
Meshed wires and billboards
sprawling all across the concrete roads

No, they do not need our golden cages
the birds like to fly and sing
just show them a little humanity
bring them water and feed


written for Magpie Tales

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Anonymous14 December

    Ah, such a wonderful piece Ekta, you really went in depth with those words and hitting the right notes, quite a message to all those who treat the birds like a non living thing ..

    1. Aziz, this makes all my efforts worth. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback.

  2. Isn't it ironic, how humans can be so inhumane?

  3. I agree with the sentiment expressed in this poem. I always feed the birds.


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