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Life is not about hitting a one-time jackpot instead, it is made of small, diverse gains. Life is all about moments. Moments filled with love, laughter and small-small happiness. It is those "Chhoti Khushi" that store up into a greater happiness. A lot of people ask me about one thing that I liked about Diwali? A considerable measure of them answered- Sweets, festivity, crackers, shopping and more.  For me, Diwali is not around a particular explanation of euphoria but rather had dependably been an accumulation of numerous things great that fills my celebration with merriment and beauty. It's about family get-together [wish one never needs to stay away], festivity, eating beautiful sustenance, light works, meet n welcome and that's just the beginning. In addition, Diwali, to me, has dependably been about homecoming.

Yes, that season of the year which was intended to be gone through with crew. Independent of work weight, instruction assignments, Diwali is dependably intended to be a celebration to be gone through at home and with family. 

Diwali in India is not about anything other than an enthusiastic interface. The join with our family, our roots, the great custom of the triumph of goodness over wickedness The sweep of goodness over malevolence is not just about the divine-satanic conflict but a lot more. It is about rising over trivial many to vital few of life, one such vital few is the relationships that we share. Including the less talked about relationships like the one between brothers.

Yes, the relationship between brothers that have been beautifully visualised by Sony LIV. 

To expand more on the sibling to sibling relationship, I would propose you watch this excellent video by Liv [Its a Sony]. The video investigates the wonderful, implied relationship between two siblings. The two siblings unobvious about their affection for one another and fixed between adolescent battles, yet untouched with the acknowledgment of adoration for one another. How they implied a great deal without saying much, is the thing that this video recommends. To put it plainly, a less investigated or discussed the edge that I need to impart to all of you.

If you love, express
Need I say that the video touched my heart and reminds me of my own sweet-salty relation with my brothers. Differences are bound to happen and accepting them may not come easier to all of us. In any case, there are distinctive approaches to express. If not words, in action at least. It goes on its way saying how is it vital for us to love, to be adored and all the more critically, express your adoration. Life is short and expression is essential. Frequently in the everyday tasks we put some distance between our looks and figure, a celebration like Diwali reminds us to bring back the lost touch. Welcome your friends and family. Greet your loved ones

Express and Greet
To take their expression of "Chhoti si Khushi" further, Sony Liv has launched a microsite where you can wish you family and friends this Diwali by creating and sharing personalized greetings. Greetings, yes the lost art of expression. 

So this Diwali, let's explore our emotion and connect with people who matters. or let's take that emotional connect/ bond that we share with others, irrespective of  our differences. Like the two Rastogi brothers in this video. 

Make a difference in the lives of others. Trust me, it goes long way connecting with people. So Live this Diwali and #LIVThisDiwali.

Happy Diwali to All of You,

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