From The Soldiers Who Died in Wars

November 09, 2015 , 6 Comments

Source: Magpie

Reduced to mere memories
and memorials
a distant hope of war and peace

their souls knock your heart
and ask the questions to thee
what have you gained from your hatred?
what wars have done
to the humanity.

letting your ambition
get the better of you.
You plundered the lands,
looted existence.
In the name of blood
and gory.

and made it barren.
seeded explosives
in land of rose and Lillies.

We are born to die
and we shall fight
till our last breaths.

The battles that you have begun,
to conquer free will of someone
in the name of national timocracy
we shall strive and
even die, for the love of duty.

for austerity, if not the obligation,
what does war brings to humanity?
what does war give to the nation?

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Beautifully written...war has only brought more hatred and made us more determined to keep fighting till we depart. Such a worthless deed!

  2. War is an initiator that provokes and starts a chain reaction. No real winners but miseries for both sides. Great lines


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  4. So many questions which dont have answers , very liminal

  5. Such incredibly important questions: what have you gained from your hatred?
    what wars have done to the humanity. Thank you for putting them into your
    work of art!


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