Donate Blood, Save Life with HDFC Bank 9th Blood Donation drive

December 16, 2015 1 Comments

The blood is red gold in time of saving a life

Banking major- HDFC Bank knows their finances well. They value equity, investments and gold alike. one such gold is the- Red Gold- the Blood. And like all other banking, financial and asset management services, HDFC Bank leaves no stone unturned to manage this precious stock well.

Recently HDFC bank organized a nationwide Blood donation campaign in Mumbai. It was the 9th blood donation drive that the bank has been undertaking since 2007. This year HDFC Bank has taken a step ahead and reached out to other corporates by setting and facilitating up blood donations camps. Their good intention paid and the drive saw more than 200 companies participating in the same. 

The campaign also saw a large number of volunteers lined up to donate blood at over 2000 designated centers in 930 locations across the country. Donors included people from different walks of life like- HDFC Bank employees, corporate executives, customer and college students among others. Talking about the active youth participation, the last 3 years saw the Bank getting an overwhelming response from the youth across the nation. The no of participating colleges this year was a whoopping 750. If you see participating students count, well it increased from 20,057 in 2012 to 67,871 in 2014. 

To bring forth this noble cause, the Bank had tied up with major hospitals and blood banks to provide technical and operational assistance. The campaign was inaugurated by its CEO- Mr. Aditya Puri and was led by business head Mr. Bhavesh Jhaveri, who also stepped forth  on this noble cause and donated his blood. 

“As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we wish to do our part to narrow the gap in demand and supply of blood. It is a life-saving resource which has no substitute. We thank everyone who has come forward this year and helped us in our mission to maintain safe and stable 
blood supply.” ” said Mr. Bhavesh Zaveri, Country Head, Operations, HDFC Bank.

Apparently in 2014, the bank has collected around 1,28,642 units of blood from 1,55,599 participants at 1987 collection centers across 913 locations. Phew! Did we not tell you that HDFC Bank does know its Gold well? 

Numerounity was invited to witness this good-hearted initiative that was launched on 12th December 2015 at HDFC Bank Office. We understand the value of blood donation and how it gives a chance to any of us to save a life. The blood that we donate gives someone another chance to live and this is a noble gesture that costs you nothing as long as you are doing it under wings of a reputed and public brand. Let me tell you- 

Donating blood is painless, noble and costs you nothing. The myth associated with prevailing weakness post blood donation needs to be settled. Yes do consult the doctor if you have a health condition. If you do not have a health condition and can donate your blood, remember-

" Blood Donation Costs you nothing but saves a life"!

To substantiate this, I approached few donors at the HDFC Bank 9th Blood donation camp and asked them about their experience. Their enthusiasm and support was un-missable and I wanted to share with all my readers. So I requested and tried to capture at least some enthusiasm on my camera. Here's a dekko at what Amrita and her friend had to say- 

I told you it is inspirational. If you noticed neither of them were feeling weak post blood donation but were sporty and cherubic as ever. So if Amrita and her friend Nikita can donate blood, what prevents you?

Here few more glimpses from the HDFC Bank Blood Donation Drive -

Mr Aditya Puri lighting the lamp and inaugrating the 9th Blood Donation Drive by HDFC Bank
The blood donation camp in progress at HDFC Bank Office, Mumbai

 So I sign off with a humble appeal to all of you. Do donate your blood and save a life!


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  1. One of the best things you can for world,by donating blood 5 lives could be saved.Great initiative


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