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Little ambitions and rising cost of education

Agatha is a very bright student. Given her deep inclination towards education and science, she harbours dreams of becoming an astrophysicist one day. Her parents are very much happy with her academic progress and aspirations but at the same time worry about her future. The reason behind their worry is how to fund her dreams. Agatha belongs to a middle-class family wherein both her parents work in a small firm to make ends meet. Giving the rising cost of living and education, they feel really helpless thinking about the time when Agatha will grow up and have to join a college for her higher education. They wonder whether their limited affordability will act as a hindrance to their child’s future. They were deep in worry when Agatha came running to the dining table. She had done her school homework and joined her parents for the supper.

While Agatha has done her homework, it is time for her parents to their homework.

#DoYourHomework with Axis Mutual Fund

Who says parents do not need to do their homework? It is not just Agatha’s parents but all parents in general, are worried about their child’s future. There is a beautiful thing about future that begins at the “present”i.e. today.

Give your child a present of present and gift her/him something that will not just help the child/ children build their careers but something that they will cherish life-long. Give them a gift of Axis Mutual fund Education Plan. For more details check- webLink(

Why investment in education?

Parents need to plan for their children’s future and be prepared for their decision both emotionally & financially to fulfil their aspirations. A child goes through different phases of life and keeps on changing their future goals. Some children want to be a doctor and some aspire to be a wild life photographer. While competition and others do play a vital role between what they set to achieve and what they become, as a parent, you would like to be least assured that the money should not be the deciding factor. Hence, you need to plan well and what better than a planning or a lavish gift that is Tax-free?

I remember how I wanted to study abroad but I could not take it forward given the high cost of education there and a sudden loss in family’s business which suggested that I complete my education within the country, along with my other 2 siblings. It does not mean that the cost of education in India is low. This emphasizes how a well-invested education plan comes handy at the face of the sudden financial situation.

So parents,  visit site/app and learn more about how to plan better and be financially ready for your child's dream career. Take the first step in helping your child/children fulfil their aspirations. Visit the website or download the “Homework” mobile app for more info.

Have dreaming, happy fulfilling
And #DoYourHomework

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