The See-saw of Life

December 18, 2015 , 4 Comments

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In your life,
you will always find
people who pull you out
people who push you down
but Ahoy! my friend
stay calm and precious
Enjoy your ride
keep your innocence intact
and the childlike pride.

There will be many passers-by.
While some may watch,
some may turn blind eye.
At the end when you see
you will find life like a see-saw
where it does not matter
whether you are going up or down.
what matters is
if you had a fun ride.

Say yes to life and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Every year, many people succumb to loneliness, depression and meloncholy. The ever increasing competition and pressure drives many of us wild, bewildered and lost. Do not let yourself carried away in waves of joy and depth of sorrows. Turn on that invincible smile and walk on....

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  1. Ahoy! made me smile...lovely write...

  2. It's so beautifully written and true about life. Gather the thread and keep walking to the destination that one fully deserve.

  3. One has got to enjoy the ride. Otherwise life would seem like a terrible ordeal! Loved the poem. It did send me the message:)

  4. Oh this is so damn lovely.. such a wonderful inspiring thought! Kudos Ekta.


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