What Happened When I Tried to Sell My Phone

January 05, 2018 , 0 Comments

Mobile Reselling: Mission Impossible

Have you ever tried selling your phone? Well, I did. Quite a tedious procedure and almost impossible. No matter how simple your intentions are, or the extremely good condition of your handset, you are bound to have some bitter-sweet experience while selling your phone.

The agony is not associated with a refurbished handset but also with a brand new handset, if any.

No, no I am not here to discuss the agonies but laugh over them. I have compiled some of my real experience with some fiction and Bollywood celeb, to compile a funny [at least intended to] video.

Watch what happened when I tried to sell my mobile phone.

This is not a paid post but I have plugged a bit of Cashify, a website that claims to help you sell your electronics including a mobile phone. No, I have never used this website and hence it is just a reference.

Neither it is a paid gig. So, I do not endorse anything here except my pure, coincidental humor.

So, watch what happened-

When I tried to Sell My Mobile

So, I went to few celebs like Nana Patekar, Akshay Kumar and erstwhile YouTube viral sensation- Dhinchak Pooja. Did they buy my phone? Watch my full video here or on YouTube

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