Makar Sankrant Special: Wish The Kite Had Strong Wings

January 13, 2018 1 Comments

"Noni, noni, where are you?"

The voice gushed through the corridor but fell deaf on her ears. She sat on the parapet of the roof, watching the colorful kites in the sky. It is the Makar Sakrant, the popular winter solstice in India. The festival marked the sun's transit into Capricorn. It is a very popular festival in India and people from different religion celebrate it. The festival signifies the joy of togetherness peace and joyfulness, despite the uniqueness and differences between them. 

She threw a glance around and saw many happy faces. Children, youngsters, couples, and families were decked up in new clothes, sharing the joy, the laughter and celebrating the festival. The sky was full of colorful and creative kites. She watched them closely. A distinct red kite held her attention. It was a beautiful red striped kite with yellow polka dots, flying strong from quite sometime. She observed closely, it was manned from one of the neighborhood roofs. She followed the kite's line of sight and saw a little girl holding the roller and a middle-aged man helping her to fly the kite. She was wearing a cute white frock and screaming in her feeble voice "Mama-mama" with joy and excitement. She reminded her of her own childhood as to how she with her eldest mama [uncle- mother's brother] used to fly kite on their huge roof. 

Her eyes were soon filled with nostalgia. She went back thinking about her childhood and all the memories associated with the kite flying, festivals in general, and all that togetherness that was attached to it. 

Like kites, her memories started soaring in the sky. She reminsced from one event to another. her heart was filled with nostalgia and it progressed from past to present. sweet, salty and bitter. As she touched her present, she felt a gush of nausea and a lump at her throat. It was like she was holding a kite but harsh winds took better of her. She could see the kite flying down to the floor.

She opened her eyes and found her all alone. The sunset and it was dark. It is one of the darkest night of the year, she thought. She spent hours on the roof, all alone, lost in her nostalgia. She threw a glance around and saw a lovely couple lighting a festive potpourri in their man-made roof pond. They looked at each other and smiled lovingly. 

She looked at her watch and wondered if it is late and she must leave. She had no one waiting for her and hence she was in hurry nor any contemplation. She gathered herself, wiped a tear and walked down the floor. She could no longer hear the fervent calls for Noni. It seems they found her.

The calls for "Noni" at the corridor were stopped. As she was walked, she saw the little Noni hiding under a bed, holding her dog too close. She looked at her and said- "Shhh do not tell them that I am here. They want to take my dog away but I do not want to part ways with him. Will you please?".

She could not help but smile at the innocence of the little Noni and said- "No, I won't, never let anyone let your pup take away" and walked away.

Its Makar Sakrant and she saw some beautiful splendid kites. Deeply attached to their thread, threatening to slit the fingers that may try to pull it apart. Wish if only her kite had strong wings. 


Image Courtesy: decathlon UK

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