Film Review: Mukkabaz Packs a Good Punch

January 11, 2018 , 0 Comments

I missed watching the movie Mukkabaz during the ongoing MAMI Film Festival. So when I was called to attend the special pre-release screening, I could not say no to watch a film based on boxing, based in the UP hinterland.

Let tell you that the movie is better than the theatrical trailer and if you are someone who enjoys good cinema, do check out this movie and add it to your list of "next movie to watch". Because Mukkabaaz is as good as it gets, from the able shoulders of Phantom and Color Yellow Films. 

The Story: Mukkabaaz is a story of passionate wannabe boxer, Shravan who accidentally falls in love with a girl, Sunaina who is the niece of an egoistic local kingpin, Bhagwan Das Mishra or you may call BDM. There starts a sweet-tangy love story that runs in parallel to the actor's lifelong aspiration to become a boxer in spite of severe discouragement.

If you think the story is just that, I suggest not think but go ahead and watch this story. Why you should watch this movie? Well here is why.

Why You Should Watch Mukkabaz

1) A not so regular story with a fresh treatment: It may look like a regular-  a boy meets a girl, vice versa, fall in love, fights adversities to unite and then boy plays an iconic boxing match where he knocks his opponent down in the boxing ring and becomes a champion extra, et cetera. The film may look like that but it is actually a lot more than that. Watch it know better. 

2) A Good Sports based Film on Boxing: Let us accept that there are very few good sports films in India and hardly any on boxing. Mukkabaaz, a story conceptualized and primarily written by the lead actor Vineet Singh who apparently had invested his all in getting this film made, will go up in echelons of well-made, well entertaining sports film in India. 

3) Pitch Perfect cast with Superb performances: Mukkabaz is the film where actors are the characters and the characters are the heroes. There is a spectrum of talent and acting range that can be seen in the leading characters of the film. Whether it is the Shravan played by Vineet Singh, Zoya's Sunaina, Ravi Kishan's Sanjay Kumar, the actor who played Shravan's father's role, Gopal [the friend], everyone looked a perfect fit, without cliches, or any traces of superimposed stardom. You will watch each of them. 

I have not mentioned Jimmy Shergill here as I see him too idealist to play such an anti-hero kind of role and would rather watch him enacting the kind of roles he did in Tanu Weds Manu or even Happy Bhaag Jayegi. 

4) Catchy Songs: I liked the songs like Priye [written by popular poet Sanjay jogi], Bahut Hua Samman, Paitra among others. 
Oh yes, there is a reprised version of the famous Dilip Kumar Song- Jara pairo mein ghoongroo baandh toh phir meri chaal dekh le.

However, the male item song featuring Nawajuddin Siddiqui playing the remix version of Priye song felt unnecessary but nevertheless provides some quirky relief to the film.

5) Well-written dialogues waiting to trend: The movie ha some wonderful dialogues that adds to the wholesome narration, gives a local fervor and will entertain you thoroughly.

6) Realistic Approach: The movie well portrays the realist politics in sports scenario wherein local dons dominates the game and give leverage to their egos, greed, and impotence over merit.

7) The undying spirit of "Love against all odds": He is a low caste, yet to be established sportsman who had already offended the head of her family. She is a mute girl who can hear but cannot speak. The way Shravan beautifully describes her "inconsequential to love" disability, his acceptance towards it and the way he stands by her side, is truly aspirational. 

What Could have been better

The climax was a hurried one and looked as if the makers wanted to seal the envelope with whatever they could think of the low hanging fruit. Or wait since it had a "based on a real-life story" touch to it, that may be the case with the real story.

The length of the movie makes it a bit of the drag towards the second half

In a nutshell, Mukkabaaz is a well-written, well-made film that is far more engaging than its dull trailer. What a comeback Anurag Kashyap. The movie though a bit long at certain places has all the ingredients to bag some coveted recognitions including National Awards.

Numerounity Rating: 4/5

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