#InvestBefikar in #LifeGoals with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance: Bloggers Meet

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When Blogs Meets the Businesses

There is a lot that we expect from life every day. Some aesthetical, some material. Men or women, everyone has #LifeGoals. Our #LifeGoals are often long-term and would require a considerable amount of finances, essentially the financial investment. 

Talking about investment, if there is one Indian brand that deserves the highest recall and great credibility, it is Bajaj Allianz.

Earlier this week, Bajaj Allianz invited a group of bloggers from different domains including Finance, Lifestyle and Journalism in an interesting tete a tete with their leaders- Mr. Tarun Chugh [MD & CEO] and Mr. Sampath Reddy [CIO]. Like their previous meets, it was another fun-filled and engaging session which began on a wonderful note wherein ace comic artist Suresh Menon AKA SB Anandan filled the room with his hilarious investment anecdotes and unending laughter. He was at his wit best, playing a word on word, and highly engaging.

He also invited few bloggers on the stage to quickly discuss their investment preference, including yours truly. I totally like his work and was so overwhelmed when he invited me on the stage. He even came down and escorted me on the stage. His gags filled the room with joy and brim. What a great start to the day.

Getting into hardcore financial discussions may get daunted for many and I totally liked the approach that Bajaj Allianz demonstrated wherein they chose to kick start the day on a lighter mode, slowly progressing to the serious discussions.

Time to Aim Your #LifeGoals
Post the standup, there was an interesting group activity planned wherein the bloggers at the different tables were formed in a group of 5, ranging from ages 20 to 40+. Guess what, we played an interesting dart game wherein we were asked to select one #Lifegoals from the dart board and asked to aim, hit the same to score a point. The two teams with highest numbers of the hit were declared the winner of the game and took home some amazing gift vouchers from Amazon.
Rest of us took a lesson that –

  1. You can have #Lifegoals at any age provided you know to hit your target. 
  2. You are close to hitting the target at the younger age, so invest young.
Post the activities, we moved to the most awaited moment of the day- Leaderspeak, wherein the two business leaders told us about their perspective on Indian growth vis a vie indicators performance, investment, different hindrances while making an investment decision, along with their newly revamped ULIP plan.

One of my favorites was the part wherein we compared, brainstormed different investment options viz- Fixed deposit [the highly popular yet lowest yielding], Mutual Funds [Risky with good returns but low tax benefit] along with ULIP [Long Term Investment, Tax-Free Returns with flexibility to switch]

Do you know that-India has a large pool of household savings at INR 26trillion

We closed on a brighter note, eagerly waiting for their upcoming launch. Leaving home with these beautifully designed goodies [pics] and a refreshed curiosity towards the ULIP as a long-term investment option.

Want to know more about their new ULIP plan? Stay Tuned to this blog for more.




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