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August 24, 2020 1 Comments

I have always been an admirer of Pakistani dramas. I very well remember the days when I started watching them in the early 1990s. Yes, the 1990s, much before YouTube or the concept of web-series started. The first-ever drama that I saw was the classic Tanhaiyaa. My uncle prompted me to watch it for the lead female character whose glimpses he saw in me. I really loved their characterization and the way they mouth Urdu. And then there was no looking back. 

In fact, when Zee Tv launched a channel - Zindagi in India, I was every inch excited and renewed my DTH connection solely for that channel.  

A lot happened in between, yet the love for Pakistani dramas did not fade even if it meant that I have to watch them on the web. Thankfully, Zee Tv's web streaming platform Zee5 has an array of Pakistani dramas and series. And that's where I saw- Churails!

Horror yet Not Horror Churails

The name and a very bold trailer will make you think if it is a horror-based show. Well, it is not a horror-based show but a webs series that depicts the horrible things happening in women's life and how four different women, from different walks of life, meet and form a team to help their women clients get justice, all incognito.

Churail is a story of 4 women- Sara Khan [Sarwat Gilani], Yasra Rizvi [Jugnoo], Zubeida [Meher Bano] and Batool Jaan [Nimra Bucha] who are from different walks of lives, each carrying their own burdens and oppressions, working towards a common goal. I just finished watching the first episode and could not wait to share my view with you.

It starts with an introduction to their respective lives and their own suppressions. Suppressions that some happily abides through, rebels through, one struggles, and others refuse to bear. It is all about their own inner struggles and how their lives cross. 

Together they start spy agency to help the thwarted women in society. They run this behind the garb of fancy boutique and beautifully use metaphors like - a woman being stabbed by other women in society, well-emancipated mannequins, and more. You need to watch this to know more.

This is a no-spoilers review and you need to watch the show first and then we can exchange views here. 

Story-telling through Graphics, Grandeur and Spine-chilling Inferences

The show is directed by Asim Abbasi, the same person who directed another well-acclaimed Pakistani movie Cake! Like the movie, the web series is also a visual treat, with some polished, some real to life and hard-hitting sinister visuals to essay the story-telling.

There are a total of 10 episodes in the series.

The powerful #MainChurailhoon Star cast

The show lead actors would not make you feel anything but the characters they are portraying. Sarwat Gilani as the "perfect trophy wife" looks absolutely the talented law professional, now made to play just a trophy wife. Watch out her scene with Kindergarten head, confronting the use of the right language amidst kids. The scene wherein she punches the clip or makes peace with her husband is something you cannot miss.  Especially the kitchen scene wherein she makes her husband finally allow her to restart a career for herself. 

Yasra Rizvi as "got Hydragenea as the best deal" promoting a wedding planner with a rebellion head, plays her friend who brings the other two members to their alibi. 

There are men also in the show from a wicked young brother to a free-spirited hacker. Like I said, watch the show to know more. 

Images Courtesy: ZEE5

Show Link | Episodes link

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  1. It takes loads of courage to demand for justice especially for women. I am all the way excited to know how these bold ladies set an example.


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