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December 20, 2008 , 1 Comments

Globdyne Corporation tanks off and the estranged employee after months of struggling and subsequent bankruptcy, resorts to stealing, robberies, marijuana, secret stakes etc…while some frankstein of a CEO was busy shooting the big game

Well that’s how the movie takes off but not how it is narrated or even ended. “Fun with Dick & Jane” is a movie all about the how Dick Harper’ begins, proceeds and ends this caper with quintessential Jim Carey comedy. It’s about the not so funny things that happen to real people, when the leaders they work for, fail to live up the organizational trust. It’s very lonely at top, risky and non contributing too. Over paid Top management is such a mockery of collective dreams, not necessarily American dreams. Instead of cutting our perks, our growth, pl cut their scotch, golf and “how do they want their eggs in breakfast”.

Anyways, I promised myself to keep my reviews sweet and KISSable [Keep It Short & Simple moron]. Like my presentations, I shall keep this short too [not on expectations though].
What I loved most in this movie-
- The “elevator” to VP- Corp Communication.
- Dick’s first day at home
- Job interview at pyramids
- Kentucky bluegrass
- Jin ku paw
- Sprinkling family shower
- Guero Mexicana
- First loot
- Mercedes, off!
- A18 stampin

Jim Carey and his Hon are a delight to watch. Esp. the bit when Carey burgles at the pyramid’ guy and while rephrasing the lawn. NO teary stuff, strong message and good laughs. If you are not interested to purchase, call BigFlix and get it home delivered at marginally lesser cost.

Whoa! Honey. Now that's a way how pension fund crumbles?

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