Shaken & Stirred!!!

Here stays a nation, amidst all chaos, plunders and ill will. But the question is- For how long?

There’s a lot said, written and being done [reactively or the usual keywords viz- poll campaigns, award functions for martyrs, petty compensations, media coverage, blame games, political foo-fraws, new plots for otherwise mundane tv shows, even chain mails etc] on the recent, yet another terrorism tragedy in Mumbai. Except one thing- the Preventive & Precautionary Action!!! And hey, am not considering all those farce [sorry for the expression] going around in the name of it.

While we are busy debating on our "BEST" disaster management, my question still remains unanswered. Why do we need terrors and tragedies everyday to remind us of our cost centre [in all caps] called “Disaster management”?

Well India is awakening [Jago re, alpha dopomines], awakening to a better future ah well, & bigger tragedies too??!?? Every minute of our lives, that we work hard, sweating out family and personal dreams to keep the economy moving, flourishing, to safe guard the nation, which ironically is more threatened by its own internal malefactors than world at large.

Ahoy! Mr. terrorists, why wasting your energies, resources etc to hurt us? Leave it on our great leaders [read politicians, industrialists, cricket rewards n' remuneratiosn and many others], who are in higher abundance than you are. Arre!!! We have home made sudh marka MNS' guarantee on the patent called "mumbai", who leaves no "stone" or "terrain" unturned to accomplish their KRA's. Why bother? BTW its a breach on their "selected marathi khadus" rights that non mumbaikars are evading. Why MNS is quite and letting non mumbaikar infiltrate their terror territory, running "deadly-hood" when they don't let so called outsiders to earn simple livelihood?? Huh! chaha pee ke jagun re pore. Ever wonder what greatest good your brains would bring to nation when you start thinking positively & ethically.

Taj, Trident were risked, damaged but will be restored eventually. But can you re create Hemant karkare, Unnikrishnan and others from their ashes and give back to their shattered families? Resign you must, but will it revert the avoidable? For, what should we motivate our youngsters to join armed forces? To lay their lives for the greeds of so called khadi tuxedoes brigade?

[Realize, Men or women, when a person dies, he/she doesn’t die alone. With them the entire family, spouse, children, lots of dreams and smiles die and cremated all together. Yeah buddy, it’s a cliché but this cliché is grasping the whole tribe off late.]
Greed! Well, I understand, has metamorphsed into the basic premise for the jhandabaaz’s selection to the “Kursi” and “Satta”. Ah, Satta [power] and Satta [gamble] not just sound similar [Heteronymous] but are Siamese twins of Indian politics, joined from hands [hands in gloves too].

TOI published a great remark by one of our many wise sinister oops minister, who allegedly said- “Bade bade sehro main aise chote chote events hote rote hai. See we have worked and lessened the impact. For only 200 people got killed when they were supposedly 1000s”. Right said Mr. Leader. We well deserved this to “Jago re” and voted you.

India is not sleeping, it is burning! It’s disheartening to see a majestic country burning like this. And burnt through whose hands? Its own refuge who believes that burning up the world will calm the fire inside them. Reason whatsoever and logic be damned.

Am I sad or angry? Or do I feel helpless? No, I feel funny. In a country of above a billion people, people who are among the best thinkers, scientist, artists, and wealth creators in the world but not even a single leader. No infrastructure that scans & filters the infiltrations at first instance. [Even if it does, we are so inspired by “lifebuoy’s mujhe kuch nahi ho sakta’ ad that we throw all caution to winds and seas off course!!! Weeding out is no leader’s business but weeping is surely the fate of innocent voters]. No single politician who take anybody else’ life seriously. Hey, Dare you say “Jago re again!

Despite the fact that my city is burning, my trains/buses are not safe, the food I eat is remotely unadulterated, the air I breathe is toxicated, I have no choice but to keep walking the debris, the debacle of all that mortality heaps me into and slog as I must to keep my remaining uncertain breaths alive and keep slogging on till mortality warps me fully.

And hey! Don’t plagiarize it by calling “Spirit of Mumbai”. It ain’t any spirit but choice less option of the common men and women. Spirit, is when the common brigade turns it plight on and wreath such sinister at the residences/offices of the so called admins of the nation. Its not "spirit" but a lack of it.

This as it is not enough. Above it, am made to pay my hard earned, my earnest money as tax for the maintenance of big sarkari bungalows, posh lifestyles of illiterate politicians, Netas and MLAs, for their electoral, bashes? Or is it for coping with improper road, dirty drains, “always under construction sites” esp. during monsoons or for highly polluted natural resources & monuments, endangered natural resources?!??

So, am I sad or angry? Or, am I just shaken, stirred and as helpless as many others. Just as mute, blind and deaf monkey as “Bapu” envisioned the citizens of this country, some monkey years ago.

I don’t know. Nor am I looking for any more answers. It’s so futile.


What did little birdie say: Let’s not worry about those who came through boats, but let’s be seriously worry about those who came through votes and notes!!!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Good thoughts & no different from many others in the nation. The point is what can we do to improve the situation , even a step as small as casting on vote ( after all those who come by vote , come by our votes)

  2. Anonymous14 December

    Thanks for writing in Saurabh.

    Must say i barely vote...And not ashamed of it either unless Indian politics gets any deserving candidate.


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