Couching potatoes & laden popcorns

Escapism always helps to temporarily divert attention away. And one way to do that, go couch potatoes and hog.

I recently reignited my cinematic apperceptions [abridged version for thematic apperception]. An exercise that not only helps build your patience, color imaginations but also eats away your precious time and hard earned cash flows on movies, phone calls and what not.

With special thanks to Reliance BigFlix and my IT team for all odds and even the evens. I am doing all of the above after my 9 to 9 job.

Kalyan, my IT guy thinks my lappie is a chalta-firta one stop home theatre solution, where all movie viewing options including power DVD, winDVD, unlicensed DivX Codec is available and still they don’t want to resolve my region code problem

Anyways it’s not just that I have been watching a lot of movies these days. It’s not just an Escapism measure either…If you wondering am a total phillumy person, than I beg to differ as well. It’s just that reviews, like any criticism to anybody comes easier. And though my craftsmanship still waits to be explored, my motivations gets further fuelled when my friends admits it too. Ah! I meant movie reviewing skills.

Here’s some snippet on the latest reel-istic experiences. Some movies that I watched last month or so and one of the most easiest to do-compilations-
Anger management
What I loved about-
1. Jack Nicholson- anyday
2. Goosfraba
3. “I feel so pretty”; “I feel so stunning”
4. The meatball catalogue` and the implosive anger golf.
As good as it gets1. The thank you note
2. Little Vendall
3. Helen hunt’s confession to her mom
4. Off course Jack Nicholson as Mr. Udall
The bachelor1. The Mustang theory of Men [Wild, Free & never tied down]
2. Rene Zellweger
3. Terms & Conditions to be qualified married to $100 millions
4. The grand finale- Brides, brides all around. Bride on top ‘rings in” the merry sound. Wedding bells on the fire exit staircase and priest on loudspeaker. What an adventure!!!

[Other]Wise crack: Don’t get mad, get married ;-)
Trivia: Do you know thatSeveral of the brides chasing the bachelor at the end of this movie are male extras in drag, and all brides running on the streets were wearing tennis shoes.
Till you were hereThere is a knock on door and love walks thru
And lights the fire, smiles a smile
I told love, we are going to stay a while
And the fire breaths and weaves it spell
But then love runs out of lies to tell
For love is restless, love is a flirt
Love has places to go and people to hurt
So here’s the shovel to smother `the flame
Tomorrow u will barely remember my name
For I would try to forget u my dearest one, likes the person tries to forget the sun
For life holds no purpose, love holds no charm
Since I have found you and love’s harm

1. Sarah Jessica Parker: She reminded me of a colleague in hyd’bd.
2. Someday someone will love me more than life itself
Someday my whole life will be completely different
Along came Polly1. Runaway bride & scuba diver: Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and funnily anyhow
Salsa ;-)
2. Jennifer Aniston’s real to life act!!! :D
To catch a thiefOld world charm Cary Grant & Grace KellyThe Fountain1. Rachel Weisz, the theme, visuals and amazing experimentation.
2. If you think Hugh Jackmen’ quest for tree of life was complicated then try -Xibalba, Conquistadors, Golden nebula, The Mayans, Thanataphobia

[Other]Wise crack: Death is a disease, like any other. But it’s a cure, unlike many other
Music & lyrics1. Hug oops hugh grant & Huge Barrymore
I put my dreams in a box
So they will never spoilhidden from the sunlight
Underneath the soil
You can never be too careful with a secret
As someone once said,
But would it be safer to keep
It locked up in my head?

I have been living with shadow over head
O have been sleeping with cloud above my bed
I have been lonely for so long
Trapped in past that can’t seem to be over
I have been hiding off my hopes n dreams away
Just in case I would need them again someday
I have setting aside time
With clear little spaces in the corner of my mind
All I wanna do is find a way back into love
I can make it through without a way into love

Women next doorNothing!!! Not worth watching unless you love Gerard Depardieu

Yell-a!!! Hell, what was that???!!??

Also watchable:
Miracle on 34th Street, The family stone, The Bong Connection, Summer 2007.
Disclaimer: You are right if some of you think, its quite a lengthy one. But i guess its ok to make up for the "no post" gap of last few days :-)

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Anonymous09 January

    Amazing reviews...fro where do u derive such enthu from? :-)

    Neat and sweet.

  2. Escape from what ? Escape to what ?

    Cinema is an enigma.

    Escape from real to enigma ?


  3. Anonymous17 January

    Hey, i havent seen half oh these movies but did that after readng dis one...must say...incredible take off!!!

  4. You have so many can I have access to them.....

    Music & Lyrics....I have been looking for the song with all the telephone serivice provider for it to be put as my caller tunes....


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