Ramalinga Raju and Pakistan calling

January 11, 2009 1 Comments

He got unveiled, nailed and now even jailed. Next is what? Bailed?

Off course and then? Hmmm, maybe escape- railed to Pakistan. [Ab Samjhauta kaun nahi karta!!!]

While Mr. Reddy and Mr. Naidu are still busy blaming each other for the Fiasco [that who is irresponsible to let the exposure happen, draining off an important source of party funds], the ex Mr. Hot chilly of Andhra Pradesh IT revolution must be feeling orphaned. Or he started getting feelers from dog fathers oops godfathers of our beloved neighborhood.

Why? It’s but natural for our great neighbor to stretch open its arms [and ammunition too] to anyone keen to flee our country on facing the prosecution threat for doing things that our democracy isn’t particularly gung ho about. A tried and tested formula from Dawood Ibrahim to D gangs of the world.

If he plans to appeal to them, they would be more than glad to receive him. For it is a safe haven to anyone we want to hunt down.

And not just this, he can buy a house there or even a petrol pump or even open a global ice cream “fudge’ parlor and can be assured of getting a 7-star treatment. Deve Gowda can help him on tips or two.

Alternatively, the next best career progression path seems to be Politics. Come on don’t mock the idea off as a stereotype. I understand that politics is largely filled with people with criminal steaks and pie. But like anyone else, he should be given a chance to absolve his sins and do penance. His services could be used for auditing fellow other corporate tigers. Unless the beast wants to head wayward east.

Trivia: what if an increasing no of corporate honchos join politics?
Madhur Bhandarkar will make a new movie called- Corporate Satta.

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  1. Anonymous17 January

    Its really hilarious and well said!!!


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