Evan Almighty: Movie Review

January 07, 2009 , 2 Comments

Evan almighty isn’t Bruce almighty. But it still entertains. Evan Baxtor is not Jim Carey and sooner the makers realized this, they pulled over a long rob and beard on his “I am Happy, handsome & successful” face.

Bruce almighty was good, it had a message to convey too, of love and faith. Since the message couldn’t get enough. So the 40 yr old virgin director made Evan almighty with even strong message. Apparently, the message bit got larger than life. But well you can sit through and count it in your “Act of Random Kindness…lolz [Well the movie is still likeable, not for sheer message but the metaphor too].

Ok, so where were we? The message concoction got quite a stronger, leaving me to wonder what the next “almighty” will be about. Shall I recommend “Ekta Almighty”. That be wonderful indeed esp if they give me some magical power too and off course Jim Carey ;-)

Meanwhile, my favorites from the movie-
1. God’ first dialogue with congressman
2. God’s second dialogue with congressman
3. God’s final dance dialogue with the congressman
4. Off course, God’s dialogue with Mrs. Congressman.

Also worked well-
1. All creatures in a pair, side by side helping “Noah of NY” to build the ark.
2. The theory of “Act of Random Kindness”
3.The motor mouth EA
4. The rob act- at door step & parliament
5. Everybody dance now.
6. Needless to say- Morgan freeman

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  1. wl hv 2 chk wat meneka gandhi wish to comment on d movie....????

  2. Anonymous09 January

    I have seen this movie after reading ur blog....Good one!!


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